Carl Smith

Carl Smith (* 15. March 1927 in Maynardsville, threshing floor lake) is an US-American Country singer.

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Smith originates from the same area as Roy Acuff, one the large Country star of the forties. Naturally he came already early with music into contact. From first earned money bought it a guitar. Its it had first radio appearances with the station WROL in Knoxville. To one and a half-year old one service in the US-Navy returned it first to WROL. 1948 he worked as bassist for Skeets Williamson and Molly O'Day. Later it changed one year to Nashville for there WSM station. Shortly thereafter it was taken of the Grand of oils Opry under contract.


1950 received from the Columbia label a record contract to Smith. Already its second single Let's live A Little created it 1951 into the Top Ten. The good-looking singer, who played a pronounced Honky Tonk despite its rather soft voice, had further successes in the same year, among them with Let old MON ago Nature Have ago Way its first number unity hit. It was the beginning of a long Erfolgssträhne. In the fifties it had impressing 31 Top Ten placements.

he married 1952 from the fame-rich Carter Family coming June Carter. From that already four years later divorced marriage followed with Carlene Carter a future star of the Country music. 1956 it terminated its commitment at the Grand old Opry and pulled to California, in order to take over some Filmrollen there. It followed the “Philipp Morris Country music show”, which bereiste in a achtzehnmonatigen tour the entire USA. 1957 he married the Country singer Goldie Hill.

In the sixties the sales figures of its plates diminished gradually, although it was represented further regularly in the hit parades. In Canada “Mr had. Country " an own Fernsehshow, which to Carl Smith's Country music resound. it changed 1975 to a smaller label. Here it brought still some rather unsuccessful Singles in, before it withdrew itself 1977 from the music business.

Carl Smith, which is large Country star of the fifties today in oblivion turns out, not least because of its scandal-free and unspektakulären life. It stands only rarely on the stage, as for instance for 1983 with a Benefiz concert. 2003 it taken up to the Country music resound to OF Fame. Carl Smith breeds today on a Ranch in close proximity to Nashville together with his Mrs. Goldie Hill of horses.

to Diskografie (albums)

  • 1957 - Smith's The name
  • 1957 - Sunday down South
  • 1958 - Let's live A Little
  • 1960 - The Carl Smith Touch
  • 1962 - Easy ton of Please
  • 1963 - Tall, Tall Gentleman
  • 1964 - There of conditions The Glass
  • 1965 - I Want ton of live and Love
  • 1965 - Kisses Don't Lie
  • 1966 - one With A plan
  • 1967 - The Country Gentleman
  • 1967 - Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 1968 - Deep Water
  • 1969 - Faded Love and winter Roses
  • 1969 - Take It Like A one
  • 1969 - Carl Smith sing A of tributes tons of Roy Acuff
  • 1970 - I Love You Because
  • 1972 - If This Is Goodbye
  • 1975 - The Way I of lots My Mind
  • 1977 - This Lady's Loving ME

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