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the book worm, around 1850

Carl pointed way (* 5. February 1808 in Munich; † 23. September 1885 in Munich), also Karl pointed way, was a painter conventional Meier. In the culture enterprise 19. Century took it an outsider position.

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Carl pointed way became to 5. February 1808 in Munich born. Its nut/mother - Franziska pointed way (geb. Schmutzer) - belonged to the large middle class of Munich as a daughter rich of a fruit wholesale dealer. Carl's father -Simon pointed way - Unterpfaffenhofen originated with prince-field-bridges ( in Upper Bavaria ), where its family to wealth had come, it was an educated material goods dealer from the village, who arrived in Munich at attention and reputation also by its political activity.

Carl pointed way had two brothers; for itand Carl had determined the father its occupations. The oldest one the business should take over, Carl should pharmacists and the youngest physician become. In Munich it lived a probably-protected youth, but 1819 it - eleven-year old - lost its nut/mother.

It went through the latin school with many pricesand the human High School locked 1825 . Although its artistic talent already early announced itself (first design from the year 1823) was it following SAM and began in the year 1825 its training in the royal-Bavarian yard pharmacy in Munich. 1828 died its father. 1829 he workedin the lion pharmacy of the city Straubing, where it lived one year as well as theatre people and painters.

Pointed way began with the study at the residents of Munich university, which it locked 1832 with honor. It was now certified as practical pharmacists. 1833 broke pointed way off its pharmacist career;it professed itself to its true regulation and became a painter. It seized this resolution during a cure stay in Peissenberg after an illness.

1835 it became member residents of Munich of the art association. Pointed way visited an academy, was never it an autodidact. Journeys followed after Dalmatien (1839), after Venice (1850) and with the landscape painter Eduard creep to Paris, London (to the first world exhibition) as well as on the way back to Antwerp (1851) to Frankfurt/Main and Heidelberg.

Since 1844 he was coworker of the flying sheets, which it provided with numerous humoristic designs.

Briefly after the death of its younger brother Carl pointed way died to 23. September 1885 at the age of 77 years at an impact accumulation, one found it back-leaned in its chair in its residents of Munich dwelling. In Munich becameit also buried, its grave can be visited on the resident of Munich south cemetery in the bell brook quarter.


Carl pointed way created over 1.500 pictures and designs. Already at 1824 it began to paint with Ölfarben. During lifetimes pointed way could sell about four hundred paintings. Bewunderer andHe found citizenry arrived, although the popularity enjoys, pointed way the painting today, to buyers particularly in the too new purchasing power only after the Second World War began.

Its mark style belongs the late romance. At first pointed way still the biedermeierlichen direction was connected, later has itself its mark wayloosened up, the Impressionismus very close. Already during its youth time pointed way drew much; also during its work in the pharmacy he drew the heads of the real and conceited patients, boys and old persons, as well as the originals of the town Straubing. At this idyllischen small town pointed way particularly pleased thatpictorial town picture with the close lanes and delicate oriels, the Türmchen, wells and Steinfiguren. These motives in its pictures occur again and again.

„The poor poet “(1839)

pointed way represented humans in their time-conditioned civil environment. It describes the biedermeierliche small middle class, those in kleinformatigen pictureschewing goats of Sonderlinge and romantic occurences. It represented human weaknesses, the Verruchte or however not the common; all crude one was strange to pointed way.The poor poet - the most well-known and most popular picture of pointed way at all - originates from the year 1839. In the picture of the Kaktusliebhaberpointed way shows the office human being before its favourite plant, the Kaktus. Worth mentioning also paintings are as with the second hand bookseller, sign guard at the gate , the Sterndeuter, the Alchimist, the book worm, an attendance, parting or the begging musi Kant in this connection.

By the Zusammensein alsothe landscape painter Eduard creep, with whom it undertook many journeys, moved the landscape stronger in consciousness. With nature and color sense he painted grandiose mountain massifs and their free width, romantic forest angles, the green Hochebene with forest, meadow and harvest field - mostly in beautiful weather; itthe light rather represented. As examples hay harvest in the mountains and driving people can be called at the Ammensee .

pointed way had a pronounced Farbensinn. By the pharmacist training, as also the those Chemistry belonged, won it chemical and technical experience with the production of its colors. It used a completely strange, brightly shining blue, which one regains with no other painter and no other painter. It understood also the art to make the colors durable. Of its farPointed way brought journeys a rich collection of sketches with home. In its studio it inserted these sketches in its paintings.

Pointed way wrote also numerous poems, and some letters are published by it.

list of the works (selection)


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