Carl Ulrich

Carl Ulrich (* 28. January 1853 in Braunschweig; † 12. April 1933 in Darmstadt) was a German politician and first president of the people state Hessen (1919-1928).

Ulrich is born as a son of a shoemaker and learned first the handicraft of the metal turner. Starting from 1872 it goes on journey, which finally leads it to Mannheim and open brook, and during which it takes up intensive contact for the first time for workers' movement. It appears in Augsburg for the first time publicly as a speaker.

1875 it participates as one the youngest delegated ones in the establishment Party Congress of the socialist labour party of Germany . 1875 become Ulrich full-time editor of the social-democratic new Offenbacher daily paper, later also managing director of cooperative printering.

1885 are selected Ulrich together with Franz Jöst as a first Social Democrat into the federal state parliament of the Grand Duchy of Hessen darmstadt, to which he belongs until 1931. 1886 it is arrested due to the socialist legislation for 9 months. Subsequently, he takes over cooperative printering and becomes a managing director and publisher of the Offenbacher of evening paper. To end of the 1880er years ascends it to the undisputed party leader of the hessian SPD . Starting from 1890 he is also a delegate of the realm daily, to which he belongs until 1930 (with interruption 1903-1907). From 1896 to 1918 he is additionally a city delegate Offenbachs.

After the end of the First World War Ulrich becomes to 21. February 1919 to the Prime Minister of the republic Hessen selected. After the entry into force of the new national condition it becomes to 20. March 1920 to the president, who swears new designation in of the hessian head of the government. During his term of office becomes in Hessen darmstadt and others the general elementary school imported. In the year 1928 he, already 75-jährig over, hands the office of the president at the Social Democrat Bernhard Adelung.

Carl Ulrich is located on the old person cemetery in open brook at the Main buried.

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