Carl who-nods

Carl who-nods (* 15. May 1848 in Tarnowitz, Schlesien; † 15. June 1905 in Dörrberg, today a local part of Gräfenroda) was a German neurologist and psychiatrist. It worked as a professor in Breslau and resounds.

Who-nod discovered 1874 the sensory language center (who nodding area so mentioned) in the brain, which is responsible contrary to the motor Broca area (after Paul Broca) for understanding about language.

1881 it published its „text book of the brain diseases “, in which it tried to locate above all the herd of neurological diseases.

To 15. June 1905 died who-nods on a route by the Thüringer forest with a bicycle accident.

See also: Wernicke Aphasie, Wernicke Enzephalopathie

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