Carl you Prel

Carl baron you Prel or Karl baron you Prel (* 3. April 1839 in land hat, Lower Bavaria; † 5. To August 1899 in holy cross with resound, Tirol, Austria) was a German philosopher, a mirror-image guessingist and a okkulter writer.

In the benefit of the donation Prel visited Maximilianeum starting from 1853 primary school, High School and university in Munich. 1859 it joined the Bavarian army, which it left 1872 as a captain. During its time with the military it attained a doctorate 1868 at the University of Tübingen in philosophy.

After the military time it operated literary and wrote themselves numerous books and articles, among them also for the theosophische magazine Sphinx. He dedicated himself above all to parapsychologischen topics and pleaded for its scientific acknowledgment. Some its topics were Hypnose, Suggestion, Somnambulismus, dream interpretation, Mesmerismus and mediumism.

The model of the English Society for Psychical Research before eyes, he created 1886 together with Albert von Schrenck Notzing in Munich the “psychological society”, where parapsychologische attempts took place.

works (selection)

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  • the lay monastery, a vision; M. Altmann, Leipzig 1926
  • the healthy human understanding before the problems of the science; Berlin 1872
  • the mirror-image guessingism; Philip Reclam June., Leipzig 1922
  • death, the the other world, the life in the the other world; Superbia publishing house, Leipzig 2005; ISBN 3-937554-10-6
  • the discovery of the soul by the secret sciences, 2 volumes; M. Altmann, Leipzig 1894/95
  • the magic as natural science; Leipzig 1920
  • the psyche and the eternal, sketch of a transzendentalen psychology; Fischer, Pforzheim 1971
  • the vorgeburtliche education, a means to the people breeding, a contribution for the solution of the social question; M. Altmann, Leipzig 1926
  • studies from the area of the secret sciences; Bohmeier, Leipzig 2005; ISBN 3-89094-453-1
  • under firs and Pinien, travelogs; Berlin 1876


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  • gravel weather, Karl: History of the newer Okkultismus, secretscientific systems of Agrippa from nice home to Carl you Prel; Ansata publishing house, Munich 2004; ISBN 3-7787-7263-5

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