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Carl van Vechten (* 17. June 1880 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; † 21. December 1964 in New York) was an US-American photographer and author. It was well-known as a supporter of the Harlem Renaissance and the manager of a literary deduction of Gertrude stone.

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Gertrude stone photographed of Carl van Vechten 1935

its study at the University OF Chicago it locked 1903, three years after pulled it to New York town center where it as a journalist worked. After an early however unfortunate first marriage he married 1914 his second wife the actress Fania marine off. Even if it were married to to its end of life me it, it was nevertheless homosexual. This turned out, when one took 25 years after its death some documents and photographies held under catch in inspection.

Gertrude stone it met 1913 in Paris, it for the first time was time life in contact and before its death ordered it that Van Vechten their literary deduction to administer is. He helped to find for the unpublished works a publishing house.

Differently than long clay/tone Hughes he was at the high age still Kraft, during the cold war into the 1950er years, against which anticommunist agitation from senator McCarthy to the resistance to set without he from its opinions dissociated itself.

the writer

between 1915 and 1920 appeared several books with essays of Van Vechten, the topics were for example music and literature. 1920 appeared its book concerning cats, „The tiger in The House “. Between 1922 and 1930 seven novels were published.

Van Vechten was interested much in afroamerikanische writers and artists and supported many of the important representatives of the Harlem Renaissance under it long clay/tone Hughes and Wallace Thurman. Differently than Charlotte Mason it maintained by far friendlier relations however with its favorites.

Its controversial novel „Nigger Heaven “appeared 1926, it acts of the unrestrained and generic term zones night life Harlems, which van Vechten with much details described. Particularly of established critics, black as white, van in Vechten criticism must put, e.g. that it would describe the negative stereotyped ones the Afroamerikaner and the novel „an affront against the hospitality of the black ones and the intelligence of the white ones is “(W.E.B. DuBois). The novel became a best-seller that nevertheless the wild life Harlems in the living rooms and read rooms brought. Above all young artists within the Harlem Renaissance defended van Vechten

the majority of the letters and documents of van Vechten are today in the leg corner LIBRARY of the Yale University to be found.

the photographer

with the Portrait photography began Van Vechten into the 1930ern after his literary career. Under its models Gertrude were stone, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday.


of books

  • 1918 The music OF Spain
  • 1920 The tigers in The House
  • 1922 Peter Whiffle: His would run and Works
  • 1924 The Tattooed Countess
  • 1926 Nigger Heaven
  • 1928 Spider Boy
  • 1922-30 The Splendid Drunken Twenties: SELECT ion from the Daybooks
  • 1932 Sacred and everyday MEMORies (auto+biographic)


James Stewart

Carl van Vechten many well-known personalities photographed (selection):

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

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