Carl von Campe

Dr. Carl von Campe (* 16. April 1894; † 8. September 1977) was a German politician of the German party.


of Campe occurred 1921 the diplomatic service and until 1940 on different foreign posts was used, before it was inserted afterwards up to the end of war in the Foreign Office into Berlin. 1952 he became an Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Chile. it stepped 1959 into the retirement.

a party

of Campe was member of the German party.


of Campe was 1948 /49 member in the economic council of the Bizone. It belonged to the German Bundestag of 23. January 1950, when it advanced for his deceased parliamentary group colleague Friedrich blade, up to 8. January 1952 on. It put mandate to be down around Ambassadors of the Federal Republic of Germany in Chile to become.


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