Carlo Alberto Castigliano

Carlo Alberto Castigliano (* 8. November 1847 in Asti, † 25. October 1884 in Milan) was an Italian building master, engineer and a scientist. It originated it from very modest conditions and lost its parents before it the school left. He made its first money with book translations and Nachhilfestunden. At poly-technical Institut in Turin it studied engineering sciences and mathematics.

He formulated a well-known theorem of the technical mechanics, the sentence of Castigliano, which serves for the deformation computation with statically indefinite systems. The sentence is suitable for the computation of arbitrary generally more loaded statically indefinite systems and for the computation from deformation sizes determined (discrete) places. It has meaning in the structural design.

sentence of Castigliano

the sentence consists of several parts and essentially means: “The partial derivative of the work of a group of loads after an individual load supplies the assigned shift.”


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