Carlo Menditéguy

Carlo Menditéguy (* 10. August 1915 in Buenos Aires; † 28. April 1973 ebd.) was an Argentine Polospieler and running driver.

Menditéguy belonged to the large reservoir of sporty multi-talents at the beginning of the 1950er - years, which pulled as a result Juan Manuel Fangios and José Froilán González to Europe, in order to look for their borders there. Carlo was considered already as one of the six best Polo riders of the world, when he tried to tax of a racing car. In the Formel-1-Saison 1953 it started for the first time on a Gordini in its hometown, however without computable success.

Its style was characterised rather by Furchtlosigkeit by a clean style of driving. Its mechanics were often demanded, because he demanded engine and chassis of his Maseratis, which he preferably drove, too hard.

With its Heimgrandprix in Argentina it started regularly, a complete Formel-1 however never denied - he suspended season and 1954 completely.

In the subsequent year he tried it again. When heat running in its hometown it landed despite loss on the sieved place, but there were points of world championship at that time only up to fifth rank. These got itself it with its start in Monza, where it reserved a fifth seat.

During the Formel-1-Saison 1957 it obtained its best placement with a third rank in its place of birth. This was also its best year. Although it likewise started now with higher requirements in Monaco , France and the united kingdom, it could not repeat the success experience. In the Endklassement it occupied thereby the 14. Place.

Its last of altogether only 10 running in the formula 1 it denied 1960 with nevertheless 45 years naturally in Buenos Aires - however this time on a Cooper - Climax, in order to let with a versöhnlichen fourth rank an engine haven career of the opportunity starts run out. In the comparison with other Lokalmatadoren its balance could be able to be quite seen.

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Nationality Argentina
place of birth Buenos Aires
date of birth 10. August 1915
died 28. April 1973
current team no
WM-titles 0
WM-points altogether 9
victories altogether 0
podium places 1
poles position 0
fastest rounds 0
starts 10
guidance rounds of 39
guidance kilometers of 152
Formel-1-Debüt 18. January 1953, GP of Argentina, ausgesch.
Current driver no


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