Carl field (Eibenstock)

Weitersglashütte um 1910
far glasswork around 1910

Carl field is a local part of the town Eibenstock in the district Aue Schwarzenberg of the Free State Saxonia.

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geographical layer

Carl field lies in the upper ore mountains nearby the border to Tschechien in a Höhenlae of approximately 850 M. The place is surrounded ring by spruce forests, by which the state road from Wildenthal leads to Wilzschhaus in the valley of the Zwickauer hollow. Into the sixties Carl field had rail connection after Wilkau Hasslau.


the place developed 1677 in connection with the plant of a hammer work taken place here.

objects of interest

in Carl field is a dam, which developed in the place scattered housing estate far meadow. From 1624 a glasswork put on the local part far glasswork followed, to which directly because of the old Frühbusser passport road after Tschechien is and a gladly visited Erholungsort is. Far glasswork has direct connection in the winter to the erzgebirgische Skikammloipe of beautiful-hits a corner after Johanngeorgenstadt.

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