To Carmel (California)

Die Pazifikküste bei Big Sur, Kalifornien
the Pacific coast with bend Sur, California

Carmel by the Sea is somewhat south of San Francisco, at the south end of the Monterey Bay been located a small coastal place at the route Nr.1 in the Steinbeck County, at the west coast of California.

Many well-known authors and artist lived forsome time in the region of Carmel and made nature the the subject of their works. Among them the writers Ernest Hemingway and Jack London as well as the photographer Edward Weston were, many years up to its death lived here and landscape and detail photographs ofnearby POINT Lobos created.

Admits became Carmel also, after to 8. April 1986 the actor Clint Eastwood as a candidate of the republican party with large majority to the local mayor von Carmel by the Sea selected. He is also owner of the mission Ranch, which developed from an old Spanish missionis. Eastwood had acquired and had reconditioned it at the beginning of the 1980er years.

With tourists Carmel is particularly because of its nature well-known. The 17 Miles drive leads around the promontory of Monterey across Carmel by the Sea, past at Pebble Beach, by Pacific Grove and again after Monterey.South to the California State route 1 continues to lie the gebirgige coastal landscape bend Sur. Somewhat further to the northern part of Monterey is the old Fishermans Wharf today starting point for whale observations.

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coordinates: 36° 33 ′ 16 " N, 121° 55 ′16 " W


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