Carmen fog

Carmen fog (* 24. July 1956 in Grimma) is a German television host

Carmen fog studied Pädagogik, Anglistik and Germanistik and worked as a teacher. After she was discovered 1979 with a talent competition, she gave her employment up and began as Ansagerin in the German television radio. 1989 were selected it for its transmission jump board for the “television favourite of the GDR”.

After the turn Carmen became fog as a host of people music - transmissions admits. Of 2. June 1994 up to 25. December 2003 presented it to 46 consequences of the Pool of broadcasting corporations Samstagabendshow the celebrations of the people music. Their successor became Florian silver iron. After its change to the Second Channel of German Television fog moderates since 31. January 2004 five times annually the Samstagabendshow welcome with Carmen fog.

Also for RTL and the MDR it moderated some transmissions.

Carmen fog is ambassador of the UNICEF and red cross. It has a son named Gregor, which was born in the middle of the 1980-he 1980.

2004 published it the barking trichloroethylene TIC volume “I wish you a beautiful week” (Knaur publishing house, Munich).


  • 2006 golden camera in the category best television maintenance for welcomes with Carmen fog

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