Caroline Bonaparte

Caroline Bonaparte (* 25. March 1782 in Ajaccio, Korsika; † 18. May in Florenz 1839), actually Maria Nunziata Carolina Buonaparte was the youngest sister of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Giuseppe Cammarano: Queen Caroline in the Tracht of a neapolitanischen farmer's wife, 1813

you went with their family 1793 to France. There it fell in love with Joachim Murat, a general of their brother, whom it married 1800.

Ambitiously and power-hungryy like their brother, it became Grand Duchess von Cleve and 1808 queen of Neapel. Their craving for power was not satisfied however yet. The birth by Napoleon II. destroyed however their hope that her oldest son Napoleon Achille Murat could follow their brother. Thus it allied itself with Napoleons' enemy, Clemens of Metternich, which tried in vain after the 100 days to save Murats throne.

Murat was executed and Caroline fled to Austria.


  • Napoleon Achille Murat, (1801-1847), married 1826 Catherine Willis
  • Laetitia Joseph Murat, (1802-1859), married 1823 Marchese Guido Taddeo Pepoli
  • Napoleon Lucien Charles Murat, (1803-1878), married 1831 Caroline Georgina drill, with which he had six children
  • Louise Julie Murat, (1805-1889), married Conte Giulio Rasponi


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