Cartagena (Spain)

Cartagena is a city with sea port in the southeast of Spain. It has 205,374 inhabitants (conditions: 1. January 2005) and is thereby the second largest city of the region Murcia. Cartagena lies with 37º36' N and 0º59' W. at a deep bay of the “Costa Calida” (be called coast) directly at the Mediterranean and are one of the most important commercial ports of Spain and its largest naval basis at the Mediterranean.

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Cartagena is seat of the parliament of the region Murcia as well as bishop seat.


of buildings

Cartagena possesses a Stadtmauer and protection facilities around the port. “Galeras” and “San Julian” read two Forts which were on rock heights guards the city. 70m over the port is appropriate the castle “Castillo de la Concepción” from that for 11. Century.

From the port one can admire de loosely Heroes de Cavite “, who reminds of the dead ones of the Spanish-American war directly after retiring the bepflanzten place of the Heroes de Cavite with „the Monumento. Likewise lm port, before the entrance to the Chamber of Commerce, lies one 1888 submarine delighted by Isaac Peral.

On the “Plaza del Ayuntamiento” are to be visited the remnants of the cathedral “ Santa Maria destroyed in the Spanish civil war la Vieja” as well as a Roman Amphitheaters.


here on the one hand the naval museum is to be mentioned „Museo Naval “. In „the Museo Nacional de Aqueologia Submarina “are issued antique finds saved from the sea. In „the Museo Aqueologico Municipal “are Roman, Arab, westgothische and karthagische pieces of find.


engine haven

Cartagena possesses a racing course, which is used particularly for motorcycle meetings. One looks for formula 1 or similar large meetings in vain. Due to the age and the small size of the plant rather hobby drivers are present on this distance.


Cartagena became 227 v. Chr. from Hasdrubal as Carthago new facts (new Karthago) based and was the capital of the Karthager on the Iberi peninsula. The city became 209 v. Chr. Roman, 425 by the Vandalen destroyed, 554 eastRoman, 624 westgothical, 711 Arab and 1269 came to Aragonien.


Cartagena is the place of birth of Isidor of Sevilla, Arturo Pérez Reverte, Ramón Serrano Súñer and Joaquín Navarro Valls

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coordinates: 37° 36 ' 36 " N, 0° 58 ' 48 " W


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