Caspar Cruciger the younger

Caspar Cruciger the younger one (* 19. March 1525 in joke mountain; † 16. April 1597 in Kassel) was a lutherischer theologian.

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Caspar Cruciger D. J. became as a son of the married couple Caspar Cruciger D. A. and Elizabeth von Meseritz to 19. March 1525 in joke mountain born. By its father and Philipp Melanchthon promoted, he began an academic career in the summer semester 1533 at the University of joke mountain|University]] in its hometown. To 22. February 1556 he put the exam down as Magister of theology.

To 26. It occurred and held April 1557 in the artistic faculty of the University of joke mountain there its lesson as a professor of the Poetik. After death Philipp Melanchthons took over Cruziger its lesson of theology to 8. April 1561 and resumed thus its lectures. It acquired itself to 16. May 1561 the academic degrees of a Lizentiaten of theology and to 14. December 1569 one accepted it to the theological faculty. Darasufhin attained a doctorate it to 11. May 1570 to the doctor of theology and starting from 1571 he led the Rektorat of the university.

Cruciger D. J. belonged beside George major and Paul Eber to the supports of the Philippisten. On the old person citizen religion discussion and on the Zerbster convention he represented this faith direction. 1574 came it to a controversy with Matthias Flacius Illyricus. In the consequence cure prince required August of Saxonia 1574 of the Wittenberger Philippisten the acceptance „the article of the holy communion “. However Cruziger refused D. J. its signature and was accused as a representative of the Kryptocalvinismus. Therefore it, from joke mountain driven out, was thrown in Leipzig in the prison, temporarily in Naumburg interned and 19. November 1576 of the cure principality Saxonia did not refer to write with the edition, never more something against the cure prince and the country Saxonia also against its church and the universities.

Thereupon it went first for two years to Dillenburg, where the count offered von Nassau asylum to it. Subsequently, it pulled to Kassel, where he a minister and chairman of the religious Kuratoriums became and the education the prince Moritz took over. It spread above all the reformistic teachings, rejected however an appointment to the University of suffering , in order not to be considered as Calvinist. Caspar Cruciger D. J. deceased in Kassel to 16. April 1597.


with his wife Elizabeth, Tochter von Sebastian Fröschel, he had a son George Cruciger (1575-1637), professor of theology and philosophy in Marburg, and four daughters.


  • Dantiscanos De exorcismo” 1572 „continued collection
  • of old and new theological things “1746 Leipzig „finite report
  • “against the Flacianer [work on]
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