Catherine bar clay/tone

Catherine bar clay/tone (* 1679; † 1739) were Isaac Newton half niece (the daughter of its half sister), whom it adopted later than daughter. It worried itself the last years of its life around it and administered after its death of Newton deduction.

History that Newton developed his Gravitationstheorie, when him an apple fell before the feet decreases/goes back probably on bar clay/tone, which told her to Voltaire, which it again public-effectively spread. According to Voltaire, which was friendly with bar clay/tone, the Scharm of its niece was more important in the climate at that time of London for Newton's appointment as the director/conductor of the Royal Mint than its scientific discoveries.

It held the papers over its opinions to the Christianity and to Newton alchemistischen research for shedding tables under catch, so that this admits only 130 years after Newton's death publicly became. To the light they came as it 1936 of lord Lymington, Earl OF Portsmouth, a direct descendant of bar clay/tone, personal friend Adolf Hitler and second man that British union OF Fascists with Sotheby's were only auctioneered. The documents both due to its origin and due to its unusual contents with large skepticism one took up, proved however as genuinly. John May pool of broadcasting corporations Keynes succeeded it to acquire most from them to.

The bar clay/tone described of contemporaries as an attractive and charming woman was admired among other things of Jonathan Swift. Swift dedicated to her poems, the topic became in 20. Century again taken up by the poet Alfred Noyes:

_Was it A dream, that low dim lighted room
With that dark periwigged phantom OF Dean Swift
Writing, beside A fire, ton one he loved,--
Beautiful Catherine bar clay/tone, once the light
OF Newton's house, and his help sister's child? _
Ghost Yes, Catherine bar clay/tone, I to good
enough ton face this pale, unhappy, wistful

Bar clay/tone had a relationship with Charles Montagu, 1. Earl of Halifax after the death of its wife in the year 1698. It left it the then enormous sum of £5,000 in bar and £20,000 in Landbesitz for the pleasure and happiness to I have had in ago conversation.

Starting from 1707 Newton's house of bar clay/tone was led. Bar clay/tone married 1717 Newton's pupil John Conduit, its successor as a director/conductor of the Royal Mint.

In the fiction bar clay/tone is an important character in Neal Stephensons system OF the World, the third volume of the baroque Trilogie.


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