Catherine Stihler

Catherine Stihler
Catherine Stihler

Catherine Stihler (* 30. July 1973 in Bellshill) an European delegate for the labour is party for Scotland since 1999 in the social-democratic parliamentary group in the European parliament.

Tasks and competencies:

  • Member in the committee for regional development
  • member in the fishery committee
  • Stellvertreterin for the committee for traffic and tourism
  • Stellvertreterin for the delegation in the mixed parliamentary committee European Union - Chile


  • 1996: MA (Hons.) (geography and international relations), University of sp Andrew
  • 1998: M.Litt (international security), University of sp Andrew
  • 1997-1999: Activity as Politologin for Anne Begg, member of the House of Commons
  • in the labour party
  • 1995-1997: Representative of the labour youth in the regional-level party council of the labour party
  • 1997: Parliament candidate for the constituency Angus
  • 2003-2005: Representative of the members of the European parliament in the executive committee of the labour party in Scotland (2000-2001
  • in the delegation of the labour party in the European parliament
  • since 1999: Spokeswoman for fishery
  • since 2004: Spokeswoman for regional development
  • since 2004: deputy chairmen of the delegation of the labour party in the EP
  • 2000-2002: Chairman of the interfactional working group for public health
  • since 2002: Chairman of the group of interests multiple Sklerose
  • since 1999: Initial member of the campaign for parliamentary reform
  • since 2002: Herausgeberin „of the Parliament of magazines "
  • member of the trade union Amicus, the CO-operational party and the Fabian Society

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