Cathy Freeman

Cathy Freeman (* 16. February 1973 in Mackay, Australia; actually: Catherine Astrid Salome Freeman) was one the world-best Sprinterinnen. It won the 400-Meter-Rennen of the women with the olympic summer games 2000 in Sydney, with which it ignited the olympic fire. It ran in international competitions single and relay running over 200 and 400 meters.

Freeman is the first member of the Aborigine, the natives of Australia, which won gold medal with olympic plays. It draws the attention of the Australian public and the world public as an ambassador of their people to the situation of the Aborigines.

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sporty career

your first running won Cathy Freeman 1981 over 80 meters. Freemans of first coaches was the Romanian Mike Danila. 1988 made its first journey abroad for Freeman as a Sportlerin into the USA, in order to participate in an international Athletentreffen.

At the 3. February 1990 won it with the Australian 4x100 m relay the gold medal with the Commonwealth Games in Auckland, New Zealand.

Peter Fortune became 1991 Freemans coaches and was it up to the career end. They participated together in the olympic plays 1992 in Barcelona , with which Freeman missed the semi-final over 400 m. With the 4x400 m relay it reserved the sieved seat.

In the apron of the Commonwealth Games 1994 in Victoria (Canada), Freeman supplied itself several duels with Melinda Gainsford Tylor, likewise to an Australian Kurzstreckenläuferin with of the world class. With Games Freeman the final runs over 400 and over 200 meters won the Commonwealth. In the 4x400 m relay the Australian relay was as first in the goal, however because of a Rempelei between Cathy Freeman and a Nigerian Läuferin was this-qualified.

A sporty Tiefpunkt in Freemans career was the fourth place with the athlete IC world championship in Göteborg 1995, with which she began 400 m with the goal, running to win. However it won the bronze medal with the 4x400 m relay.

With the olympic plays 1996 in Atlanta, the USA, Freeman behind Marie José Perec became from France second over 400 meters. This was the first medal for a Aborigine in an olympic single competition. Over 200 meters it already separated in the semi-final. Perec won also this discipline. In the after-olympic season Freeman was the more successful of the two Konkurentinnen with the large European Leichtathletik Meetings.

The largest sporty moments in Freemans runner career before Sydney 2000 were the gold medals over 400 meters at the world championships 1997 in Athens and 1999 in Sevilla. In the year 1998 between both competitions it was hurt and had to do without a participation to the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia. With the 4x400 m relay Freeman in Athens reserved the fifth seat.

Freeman experienced - according to its statement - largest the moment of its sporty career with the olympic plays 2000 in its homeland Australia in Sydney, when she won the gold medal over 400 meters in a time of 49.11 seconds. Over the 200 meters distance became it sieved and with the Australian 4x400 m relay fifth.

When in the following years successes were missing, Cathy Freeman gave to 15. July 2003 their resignation from the achievement sport admits.


Freeman in an article, which appeared one day after publication of its resignation in the DAILY telegraph, writes successes to its successes:

I don't think anybody, certainly emergency myself, realised what A madly Sydney took on ME. It which wonderful, marvellous, the pinnacle OF my more career. But it which thus incredibly trauma TIC. More trauma TIC than I allowed myself tons feel RK the time and slowly but surely I have come ton realise that I could emergency go through all that again.

And realistically, ton vienna A gold medal in my own country, having lit the Olympic Fleming, there which more never going tons A moment for athlete on more finer that that.


And climaxing with that night into the Sydney Olympic stage when I won the 400 of metres and just sow there on the TRACKs then, hardly daring tons of open the window all the experience in my mind that would let ME feelings that were fighting tons of GET in my head. I don't think I more ever really did open the window fully.

Translation: I think that nobody, in particular not I, realized, which for a victim I had to bring for Sydney. It was marvelously, marvelous, the summit of my career. But it was also so unbelievably traumatisch. Traumati as I me at this time to feel. And slowly however surely I had to realize that I could not go through all this again.

And realistically seen, it will never give again a herrlicheren moment for athletes to have won as in my own country a gold medal and ignite the olympic fire.

... And everything culminated to Syndney in the night in the olympia stadium in, when I won the 400 meters and then simply on the career sat and it hardly dared to open the window in my spirit which should let me all the feelings, which fought for it experience, into my head to be left. I do not think that I ever opened the window really completely.

  • first with the olympic summer games 2000 in Sydney over 400 m
  • first with the world championships in Sevilla 1999 and Athens 1997 over 400 m
  • second place over 400 m with the olympic plays 1996 in Atlanta

in if also not sporty success - the appointment as „the Australian OF was the year “1998.


Cathy Freeman was born as a daughter of Norman Freeman, a talentierten Rugby - players, and Cecilia Sibley. Cecilia brought its son to Gavin (* 1961) and its daughter Anne Marie (* 1966) into the marriage also. 1974 were born Cathys brother Norman and 1976 its brother Garth.

The father Norman was ill, suffered from alcoholism and left its family 1978. Since 1979 Cecilia and it lived together children with Bruce Barber; short time he married Cecilia later. Bruce became the largest promoter Cathys: He collected money to pay over the travel expenses and brought to the family much love.

Short time after Cathy Freeman from the Commonwealth Games 1990 returned, died its sister Anne Marie. Thereupon it dedicated all its future successes of their deceased to sister. 1992 died its physical father Norman Freeman at an impact accumulation.

Cathy Freeman separated 1996 from nods Bideau, a journalist from Melbourne, which discovered her early and and lived with that it managete since 1991 together. In the year 1999 she married Alexander (Sandy) Bodecker, a manager with the sports article manufacturer Nike, about which she worried during a cancer illness in the year 2003. Since 2003 both live separately; Freeman is associated to an Australian actor with Joel Edgerton.


Cathy Freeman always felt as Aborigine and showed this also self-confidently in the public. It experienced the numerous problems at the own body, with which the Australian natives have to fight. In their early runner career it due to their skin color discriminated against, on which exclusive Mädchenschule of fair cross-beams college was in Toowoomba, for which she received 1988 a scholarship, it from three black girls among 600 pupils.

To its origin Freeman said the Commonwealth opposite medium representatives after their success with the 4x400 m relay with Games 1990: Being Aboriginal means everything tons of ME. I feel for my people all the time. A plumb bob OF my friends have the talent but lacquer the opportunity. Translation: Aboringine to be means everything for me. I feel the whole time for my people. Many of my friends do not have talent however the possibilities.

When Freeman the lap of honour ran with the Commonwealth Games 1994 with the Australian flag and the flag of the Aborigines and released so a small scandal, the media were interested suddenly in the Läuferin and Aborigine. From one day on the others Freeman could a broad world public achieve and in the media for the Aboringines use itself.

Naturally it swivelled 1997 also with the world championships and the olympic plays 2000 both flags, although the rules of the international olympic committee do not permit this.

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