Cats is a revue-like musical of Andrew Lloyd Webber. After its premiere at the 11. May 1981 in London westend in new London Theatre the musical altogether 21 years long one played, i.e. up to the 11. May 2002. Thus Cats was simultaneous thatlongest played work in the history of the British musical. To original occupation in London Elaine Paige, Brian Blessed, Paul Nicholas, Wayne Sleep, Sarah Brightman and Bonnie long Ford belonged.

To 24. September 1983 arrived Cats under the director Peter wake in Viennese theatre at that Vienna for German-language first performance. Here the roles were occupied with Gordon Bovinet , Angelika Milster , Steve bar clay/tone , Ute Lemper , Joachim Kemmer and Vlada Aviks.

To 18. April 1986 celebrated Webbers musical in Hamburg its Germany premiere. Hamburg was thatworld-wide ninth performance place.

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nearly each child in Great Britain are well-known the cat verses, which published Thomas Stearns Eliot in its 1939 old appeared Possum's Book OF Practical Cats. Webber used verses from this collection as poetic collecting main for itsMusical. By a few again added texts Webber donated and the director a certain contentwise connection.


to the hit became the Song MEMORY (German memory), the song of the räudigen old cat Grizabella. Most well-known ones interpreter inside are Barbra Streisand and Angelika Milster.

Cats won 1983 seven Tony Awards (best musical, best book, best music, best direction, best light organization, best costumes and best Darstellerin for Betty Buckley as Grizabella) and is, with so far over 50 million spectators, the most successful musical of the world.


In the dawn silence, which one nearly already hears, by old Deuteronomy is finally determined, the cat is again-born… and a new Jellicle life begins… (from “the invitation to the Jellicle ball”)

the list of the Songs calls the titles of the Hamburg version used today from the 90's. [[Bei]]the titles indicated in parentheses concerns it the versions of the version of 1984.

1. Act

at a clear moon night meets at a scrap iron place a large crowd of cats, in order to hold its annual “Jellicle ball” off. At the end of thisBall the cat-oldest “old Deuteronomy” will choose a cat will be again-born, and naturally everyone would like to be particulars of the cats gladly the chosen one. First the individual cats with own Songs introduce themselves, and everyone has its completely own character. There is for examplethe old Gumbie cat, which lies about as the typical Hauskatze during the day putridly, but at night is quite active. After that the Rum Tum Tugger, which aufgeplustert itself and presented Katzencasanova, extensively, is suddenly interrupted the ball. From somewhere, suddenly an old, verdreckte cat dipsup: Grizabella, which is avoided by everyone. None of the other cats also only regards it. After Grizabella had come as fast as it again disappeared sets the cats its ball away and finally arrives also “old Deuteronomy”. The high-pleased cats leave itdo not take themselves to maintain their wise head with a theatre presentation. (“Of the terrible battle between the Pekies and Pollicles…”). The Jellicle ball is in the full course as Grizabella again emerges and a song of fully large longing and sadness sings. Finally it disappears again.


  • Ouvertüre
  • pro log: Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats
  • the Bennen of cats (the names of the cats)
  • the invitation to the Jellicle ball
  • the old Gumbie cat (the Gumbie cat)
  • the Rum Tum Tugger
  • Grizabella (Grizabella, the cat star
  • Bustopher Mürr (Bustopher Jones)
  • Mungojerrie and Rumple Teazer
  • Old Deuteronomy (Alt-Deuteronomius)
  • Von der furchtbaren Schlacht zwischen den Pekies und Pollicles und das Marschlied der Pollicle Hunde (Der Kampf zwischen den Pekinesen und Pollicles)
  • Jellicle Ball
  • Erinnerung

2. Act

old Deuteronomy tries to explain to the cats, what the meaning of “trueLuck " is. But nobody seems to really understand it. Gus, an old Kater, enters the stage and tells of its youth, in which he was once a celebrated theatre star. A Flashback and we follow see a performance of “Growltigers to last fight”, one of Gusmost famous pieces. The quirlige Kater Skimbleshanks actually tears the attention of the others and tells of its work in the night express train. The ball suddenly again interrupted as Macavity, which emerges cat rogue, and with its gang “old Deuteronomy” enführt. But Mr. Mistoffelees, the Zauberkater, knows advice.With one to his magic cheat zaubert it “old Deuteronomy” out. Grizabella appears again and tells of its longing after a only one friendly contact. The cats recognize now, what “true luck” is and they are called Grizabella in their rows welcomely, as old Deuteronomy common finallyit decides that Grizabella is to be again-born. They travel together to the “Heavy simmer Layer” (in the Viennese version and route production “spherical area”), a special place at that a bridge from stars of the sky drive down, and on the Grizabella into the sky disappears. Now turnsold Deuteronomy directly to the public, and avowedly that it as many different cats gives itself as humans, and which they are nevertheless very similar to humans despite the differences. After the good-meant advice like one a cat best addresses, and the warning oneWith a dog to never confound, the cats in a large final say good-bye cat.


  • moments of the true luck
  • Gus, the theatre Kater
  • Growltigers last fight
  • Skimbleshanks (Skimble of the railway)
  • Macavity
  • the fight with Macavity
  • Mr. Mistoffelees
  • memory
  • the journey toHeavy simmers Layer (the journey to the spherical area)
  • over responding cats (as one addresses a cat?)
  • n

of the Song “memory” is the only Song, which is not based on the book.


the actors carry measure-manufactured costumes with thattypical skin samples of different cats and are also in such a way made up. Their movements are particularly noticeable by crawling, jumping, running and dancing , and the cats look usually with curious views around. Impressing the light effects are, with those the whole theatre into a sea from colorsone transforms. For example shine during the Ouvertüre approx. 800 pair cat eyes up. The stage is an oversized scrap iron place or backyard, so that the cats work also really like such in their environment with the appropriate relative importance.


the make-up becomes upOriginal photo based laid on, whereby the Maskenbildnerin each actor a face half is before-made up and the other face half is made up by the actor. The aufwändigen Perücken are handattached for each actor from buffalo hair. It lasts approx. 50 hours to an individual Perücke is finished.


concerns costumes with the costumes custom-made narrow-lying close Lyrcatricos with spraying color and traditional brush technology after the master artworks of John the Napier to paint itself. In addition are used some thousand Pailletten, wool, Chiffons and foam material. A characteristic is the gigantic collar of “Rum TumTugger ", which is held by Blechrohren.



production in London started at the 11. May 1981 and ended exactly 21 years later at the 11. May 2002. Also after altogether about 9000 conceptions at this play place were inthe last weeks of the show the performances nearly each day up to the last place sells off. This production used a round stage, all other productions uses a traditional “looking box stage”.

New York

the show alluded the show in winter guards the theatre of 1982.After 7485 shows production was however stopped in the year 2002. Production resembled very the Londoner original. The stage was very complex and extended far into the public hall inside. Also the entire theatre was converted into a dumping ground and not only the front range.As characteristic the “Growltiger ship” is to be called: it was developed behind the sky and folded with the sky forward.


to 24. September 1983 started Cats in the theatre at that Vienna and conquered the German linguistic area in the storm. 20-minütige standing Ovationenthe thanks of the inspired public are to all participations. On the day after in and foreign press is jubilant unanimously:The Cats of Vienna has world format. The musical reached 2,040 conceptions also over 2.3 million visitors.


in the Hamburg Operettenhaus ran oneShow, which did not resemble perfect the original. Spötter said, which would be production placed by the second number of the Really Useful Group on the legs, which was not correct so however. The texts were translated again (of John bear, Sabine Grohmann and Mark of Henning) and becamesince then in this form uses. Also the costumes were partly different and the characters were partially different. The making up Design was substantially extended in the comparison to the original version and arranged more complex.

route production

after Cats in Hamburg in January 2001 was closed, becameit first to Stuttgart shifts. The renewed bankruptcy of the production company Stella Entertainment led first to the fact that a follow-up production in Duesseldorf could not take place. The legal successor of steam turbine and gas turbine systems getting thing, today steam turbine and gas turbine systems Entertainment, converted the show into a route production, those first to Berlin pulled and later Duesseldorf, Hanover, Bremen, Munich and Basel visited and 2006 in Leipzig as well as for the first time in Munich and Basel to see again are.

For route production the piece was led on the London collection back, a revised version of the texts of the Viennese version is used.As stage the original stage of the past firmly in a city residents productions is used. For technical reasons the stage does not transform with “Growltigers last fight” into a large pirate ship, it becomes only a few small additional stage parts, a sail and a rudder, set up.


the musical gastierte in the Capitol theatre Duesseldorf. It was the prelude of route production.


of 01. October 2005 to 25. February 2006 played production in the musical theatre of Basel. Thus the show is inthe city returned, in which it gastierte already once. The show was not modified for Swiss market up to few expressions from the Swiss German.


for some years a Videoaufzeichnung of the piece on video home system and DVD is available. Itconcerns the English original version, whose dramaturgy for the video version something was revised. Although this version of the normal stage version which music (for the admission the music particularly with a 100-Mann orchestra brought in), singing, mask, and stage (here it acts overthe original stage) concerns in nothing is inferior, then it entäuscht nevertheless by the fact that that is missing about 10 minutes continuing “piece of piece in” with the title “Growltigers last battle” completely. In addition the optically very complex and bombastische Lichtshow of the Overtüre became, by a computer animation of the Posterlogos (Cat eyes) replaces.


it exist various CD - to photographs. Among other things:

  • Hamburg: High points
  • Hamburg: Live total admission
  • Vienna: High points
  • different English versions
  • French photographs
  • Japanese admission


individual Songs of the piece are a popular part of Muscialrevues at groups of layman theatres.As long as it only around particulars konzertant itself (dh. without costumes and Choreographie) specified Songs acts, must this on a simple form with the GEMA be only announced. The costs depend thereby on public size and performance frequency, hold themselves however within limits and are therefore forSchools etc. affordably.

The rights for dramatisierte performance, complete or in parts, are with “The Realy Useful company Limited”. The piece is not approved for semiprofessionelle performances. World-wide each production must adhere quite exactly to the defaults of the original version and may of it only ina certain framework deviate. (concerning stage, mask etc.). However it is possible that the piece at a later time for complete Neuinszinierungen is released, like e.g. with another Andrew Lloyd Webber piece “phantom of the opera” already happen.

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