Cesar Bresgen

Cesar Bresgen (* 16. October 1913 in Florenz; † 7. April 1988 in Salzburg) was a Austrian composer.

Cesar Bresgen was born as a son of the artist married couple Maria and August Bresgen in Florenz. He spent its childhood and youth in cellat the lake, Munich, Prague and Salzburg. it studied 1930 to 1936 at the college of music Munich piano, organ, directing and composition with Joseph Haas. Starting from 1933 he as Klavierimprovisator and composer worked for some time in London with the dancer Leslie Barrowes together.

1936 married Cesar Bresgen. 1936 to 1938 were Bresgen with the Bavarian broadcast busily. 1939 he became a professor for composition at the salt citizen Mozarteum. In addition it carried pioneer work out with the structure of the youth music school work. Bresgen created in addition numerous vowel works for the Hitler Youth. 1944 /45Bresgen soldier was, the time after the war spent it as organist and choir leader in Mittersill. There it met 1945 Anton webers, which left a deep impression with it. it received recently a training place to 1947, finally a Professur at the Mozarteum. 1956 married Bresgenthe Pianistin Eleonore Jorhan, with which it established itself in Grossgmain with Salzburg. it received the large Austrian state price to 1976.

Cesar Bresgen died to 7. April 1988 in Salzburg.

Similarly as Carl Orff worked Bresgen with strong educational commitment.


  • Stage works
    • Dornrö or the three Urewigen, opera, 1942
    • the judgement of Paris, musical comedy, 1943
    • Paracelsus, opera, 1943
    • Ercole, opera short play, 1956
    • the angel of Prague, opera, 1970, text uraufgeführt in Salzburg 1978: Leo Perutz
  • school operas and fairy tale operas
    • of the hedgehogs asBridegroom, 1948
    • brother flax dog, 1953
    • the wedding flight, 1954
    • the man in the moon, 1960
    • Ali and the picture thieves, 1961
    • Bastian, the sluggard, 1965
    • Trubloff, 1969
    • the careless Ferdinand, 1972
    • Hafis, 1975
    • king Nussknacker, 1987
    • Krabat,1982-1984, text:Otfried Preussler
    • the city hops, 1985
    • Albolina, 1985/86
  • Kantate Struwwelpeter, 1953
  • piano concert dead dance after getting leg
  • Sinfoni metamorphosis Magnalia Dei
  • chamber music
    • salt citizen Divertimento
    • of caper quartets
    • „Studies of “
  • organ works
    • of the Benzenauer
  • of piano works
    • Holbein Suite
    • of religious music
  • Requiem for Anton of webers

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