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Cesare Borgia, probably haven-guesses/advises from Giorgione, Bergamo, Galleria dell' Accademia Carrara

Cesare Borgia (* 13. September 1475 in Rome, † 12. March 1507 with Viana) was an Italian Renaissance ruler.

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it was the son of Rodrigo Borgia, to the later Pope Alexander VI., and Vanozza de' Cattanei. He was the brother of Lucretia Borgia. He became with sixteen years Spanish bishop, with seventeen archbishop and with eighteen cardinal. As a cardinal it held the role of a Kardinalnepot up to its return to the lay conditions. His father Pope Alexander VI. let finally release it on own desire from his religious offices, so that it itselfthe back conquest of the church state to completely dedicate could.

With a small professional army Cesare Borgia drove within a short time the leaning gentlemen out of the church state and achieved so rapidly considerable power. Altogether it was a blood run tiger Tyrann, murdered allegedly its brother Juan and is notorious for it, neither steel norPoison to have defamed, in order to vacate opponents also as its abendlichen guests from the way. Here also its Gefolgsleute, under it Miquel de Corella, helped it a feared murderer and Condottiere. To 20. December 1497 because of alleged Impotenz of Lucretia Borgia divorced husband Giovanni Sforza stated even that its marriage had been only dissolved, so that the Pope and Cesare Borgia could drive unimpaired Blutschande with Lucretia. It is called however frequently that it only said this, around itself at the Borgia to throats, there it the statementinsulted over its alleged Impotenz as well as nonexecution of the marriage.

Cesare Borgia served as model for Niccolò Machiavellis political Hauptwerk, the prince (IL Principe).

During its rule it succeeded to it in the year 1502, otherwise pazifistischen, but notoriously Leonardo da Vinci troubled by money scarcitiesto engage for three years as a military engineer of its army.

deprivation of power and end

although both and statesman and and general was very capable of of Cesare Borgia, did not succeed it it not, its rule before the death of his father and protectors Pope Alexander VI. inTo secure years 1503. After death Alexanders left it its to opponents under Pope Julius II. take imprisoned.

Banished to Spain in the year 1504, two years later the escape from the Spanish prison succeeded to it. It allied itself with his brother-in-law, king Jean d'Albretof Navarra. When it came to soldier in the service Navarras during the FE storage of Viana 1507 into one of it recognized, however with death todesverachtung ignored ambush and one killed.

today's view

Borgias call and reputation become increasingly critical in the today's historical researchregarded. Historical documents put near that its bad reputation was not always attached and was exaggerated by its enemies. Reference points for it are in generally the bad reputation of the Borgias due to their Spanish origin, which was criticized by old-established Italian families. Indeed one sawthe Borgias as a kind mafia on, whom bought themselves in offices and hierarchies and systematically into important positions brought its own relatives (Nepotismus). A further reason was probably also large success Cesares, which, supported from its papal father, got ready to, wholeItaly to take and for their possessions be afraid left so many princes.

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