Cesare Orsenigo

Cesare Orsenigo (* 13. December 1873 in mansion San Carlo, Italy; † 1. April 1946 in calibrate-corroded) was from 1930 to 1945 apostolischer Nuntius in Germany.


Orsenigo studied at the seminar for priests in Milan. It becamein the 1896 to the priest geweiht. Since 1897 it was Kaplan in Milan, later became it a minister of San Fedele in Milan. 1912 it became finally member of the cathedral chapter of Milan. Still as ministers in Milan he became acquainted with Achille Ratti , that soon thereafter Pope Pius XI. will should.

Orsenigo estimates Achille Ratti much, just as this estimates him. In this connection it is not very amazing that Achille Ratti after the choice to the Pope Orsengio to 23. June 1922 to the Titularerzbischof of Tolemaide di Libia raised and to apostolischen Nuntius in the Netherlands appointed. Orsenigo was up to its appointment as the apostolischen Nuntius in Hungary in the summer 1925 into the Hague . To 25. April 1930 it became apostolischer Nuntius in Germany, there its predecessor of the Nuntius Eugenio Pacelli the cardinalappointed and to Rome call up was. Its confirmation letter of the government received Orsengio to 2. May von Reichspräsident Paul von Hindenburg.

To 4. May 1939 visited Orsenigo Adolf Hitler on the upper salt mountain and carried for it the suggestion of Pope Pius XII.before a conferenceto work the States of Germany , France , Great Britain , to call up Italy and Poland over against a threatening war. Adolf Hitler showed however only very superficial interest and referred to that its opinion after existing right of strong Germany.

To 21. June 1942 weihteit as Konsekrator the new archbishop of Cologne Joseph Frings in Cologne cathedral.

In November 1943 Orsenigo came again on behalf of Pope Pius XII.to begin to its discussion with Adolf Hitler on the upper salt mountain around itself for the Jews pursued by the LV regime. Alsothis discussion with Adolf Hitler led however to no success, across far parts of the discussion ignored Hitler Orsengio simply, by going and looking to the window.

As one of the few international diplomats in Berlin he experienced the ascent and the case from beginning to endthe LV regime in Germany also. To 8. February 1945 it laid down its office as Nuntius in Germany against the will of the Pope and left Berlin in view of the moving forward Soviets toward calibrate-corroded.

There, in calibrate-corroded, he died at the 1. April 1946 at the ageof 72 years.

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