Cessna 172

Cessna 172

the Cessna 172 is well-known the most well-known type of aircraft among private fliers and also under the name Skyhawk.

The machine which is based on the Cessna 170B is a durable, good-natured, viersitziges sport airplane, that from 1956 to 1986 (with a sales figure 1170 pieces alonein the year 1956) one built, among other things in France of the Reims aircraft plants. Since 1997 are again produced it.

It is located in the number of single-engine Hochdecker: beside the two-seat 150/152 in the 150er row there is also causes aerobatics-suited version “aero-asked”, the stronger Cessna182 Skylane, the sechssitzige Cessna 206 station air, and the large turbo-prop. Cessna 208 caravan (14-sitzig). The 150/152 and here anonymous models are not any longer manufactured.

Skyhawks gives it with 145-180 HP and cruising speeds of 105-125 knots (195-230 km/h). With the Cessna 172 those is comparable Piper Cherokee. As Cessna 172 Rocket she was built for 210 HP also with a strong Continental fuel injection engine.

The Cessna aircraft company has its head office in Wichita, Kansas. She builds in and twin-engine small propellers - airplanes and since 1965 also jet - corporate aircraft.

The Cessna 172 actual like the somewhat larger Cessna 195 and Cessna 206 - in the USA, Canada and Europe also than water airplane in the employment. The most well-known employment of a Cessna 172 B would be allowed to do the landing of Mathias prepares at Red Square in Moscow been its.

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