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state: Russia
federation circle: The Far East
federation subject: Region Chabarowsk
surface: ??? km ²
inhabitants: 579.047 (1. January 2005)
Population density:
Height: 72 meters and. NN
postal zip codes:
Telephone preselection: +7 (4212)
geographical situation:
Kfz characteristic: 27
city arrangement:
of the city administration:
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Chabarowsk (Russian Хабаровск) is a city in Russia at the Amur, the close borderto China and 579,000 inhabitants have (2005). It is the capital of the Russian federation circle the Far East.

Chabarowsk was created 1858 as military post at the delta of the Ussuri in the Amur and after the Kosaken Jerofei Pawlowitsch Chabarow, in 17. Century the area explored, Chabarowka mentioned. 1895 received it to its current names. In the Russian civil war Chabarowsk only 1922 was conquered by the Bolsheviks. The city is today on that 25. Place in the rank list of the largest cities of Russia.

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Hauptstraße in Сhabarowsk
main street in Сhabarowsk

like the entire region the Far East profits to Chabarowsk from the commitment of Japanese and Korean investors.


inChabarowsk, 700 kilometers before Wladiwostok, crosses the Trans-Siberian railway on a 3-km-langen bridge the Amur. Among other things the Tramwai Chabarowsk takes over the ÖPNV of the city. Chabarowsk possesses an airport and is the hometown of the airline Dalavia.

resuming educational facilities

  • university of the ministry of the Interior of Russia in Chabarowsk
  • national academy for economics and right Chabarowsk
  • national academy for sport Chabarowsk
  • national one educational University of Chabarowsk
  • national one technical University of Chabarowsk
  • national Institut for art and culture Chabarowsk
  • academy for government servicethe far east
  • spirit-scientific Handelskolleg of the far east
  • Institut for legislation and jurisprudence of the far east
  • Institut for management and Business of the far east
  • Institut for management and right of the far east
  • Institut for management, Business and right of the far one The east
  • national one medical university of the far east
  • national university for traffic facility of the far east
  • Institut for Agro economics and Business of the Amurgebiets
  • branch of the Siberian national academy for telecommunications and computer science
  • branch of the Siberian national university for telecommunications and computer science
  • Pazifikinstitutfor economics and right
  • faculty of the university for consumer co-operation Moscow
  • branch of the institute for externaleconomical relations, economics and right sank Petersburg
  • branch of the national academy for water way traffic Nowosibirsk
  • legal Institut of the ministry of the Interior of Russia

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coordinates: 48° 25 ' 6 " N,135° 6 ' 59 " O


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