Chad Hedrick

Olympische Ringe
Chad Hedrick on Inline Skates
ice high-speed run
gold 2006 5,000 m
silver 2006 10,000 m
bronze 2006 1,500 m

Chad Hedrick (* 17. April 1977 in jump/Texas (the USA) is Speedskater and ice high-speed runner.

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of the Texaner is the most successful Speedskater of all times. It is 50-facher Speedskating - world champions and holds the records over 1.500, 10,000 and 15,000 meters. In the ice high-speed run it won with the olympic winter plays 2006 in Turin gold over 5,000 meters. Over 10.000 and 1,500 meters he achieved silver and bronze. Also in this kind of sport he is three-way world champion and set up various world records over 1.500, 3,000, 5,000 and 10,000 meters.

It is considered as an inventor of the double Push technology, which became today for professional Inline Speedskater the standard. Already with two years it stood for the first time on Skates on the Skatebahn, which its father operated. 1994 it won its first world champion title with 17 years.

In the non-olympic kind of sport Speedskating gave it for it after 50 world champion titles no more genuine challenges. Of successes of his Inline Skating colleague Derek Parra of the 2002 olympia winners with the olympic plays became inspired, it changed in the same year to the ice high-speed run. After only 15 months training on the ice it became 2004 multi-combat world champions. It set up a new world record with 150,478 points , and undercut thereby the old mark around more than one point. In the same year he became world champion over 5,000 meters. This title could it 2005 in Inzell defend.

With the olympic winter plays 2006 in Turin it won olympic gold before the dutchman Sven shopkeeper and the Italian Enrico Fabris over 5,000 meters. Over 10,000 meters it won silver, over 1,500 meters of bronze. In the 1.000-Meter-Rennen as well as in team pursuit he occupied rank six. 2005/ 2006 over 1.500 and over 5.000/10.000 meter he decided the Worldcup for itself.

With the Mehrkampf WM to 18. - 19.03.2006 in Calgary it was this-qualified because of a change error in 10,000 meters running. It lost thereby not only the world record over 10,000 meters at Sven shopkeeper but also the world record in the multi-fight at its rival Shani Davis. This had already abgejagt it with this match the world record over 1,500 meters.

world records

current from Chad Hedrick world records held in the ice high-speed run and Inlineskating:

Discipline distance time/Punke km/h date place
Inline Speedskating 1,500 m 1:57,698 45.88 17. June 1999 Padua, Italy
Inline Speedskating 10,000 m 14:25,510 41.59 5. September 1996 Padua, Italy
Inline Speedskating 15,000 m 22:11,960 40.54 2. August 2000 Barrancabermeja, Colombia

personal Bestzeiten

personal Bestzeiten of Chad Hedrick in the ice high-speed run:

Distance time/points km/h date place
500 m 35.58 50.59 18. March 2006 Calgary, the USA
1000 m 1:08,23 52.76 31. December 2005 salt Lake town center, the USA
1,500 m 1:42,78 52.54 18. November 2005 salt Lake town center, the USA
3,000 m 3:39,02 49.31 11. March 2005 Calgary, Canada
5,000 m 6:09,68 48.69 13. November 2005 Calgary, Canada
10,000 m 12:55,11 47.00 31. December 2005 salt Lake town center, the USA
large four-fight 148.799 22. February 2006 Calgary, Canada

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