with Chakra (Sanskrit, M., चक्र, cakra, [ʧʌkɽʌ], wörtl: Wheel, Diskus, circle) become in the tantrischen Hinduismus, in the tantrisch buddhistischen Vajrayana, in the Yoga, in the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and in some esoterischen teachings the postulated junction points between the bodyand the branch ral body of humans designates. Old Indian and Tibetan texts speak of 72.000 to 350,000 such energy centers.

Are regarded to filters of the Chakren as main energy centers of humans and are itself along the spinal column and/or. senkrechten axle center of the body find. These junction points places oneself one astrichterförmig several centimeters exceeding over the body surface forwards. Their direction of rotation changes on each stage and is opposite in each case with woman and man. They should be connected by the Sushumna, the central channel (Nadi) for the Kundalini - Kraft.

The different philosophical systems varyconcerning details such as number and exact localization of the Chakren. Also the western culture knows the Chakren, however not under this term. They appear in proverbs as “I have butterflies in the belly”, “to me fall a stone of heart” or “I have a Kloss in the neck

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situation in the body, side view

situation inBody, front view

name and symbols

Sanskrit German element symbol divinity Mantra
7. Sahasrāra [सहस्रार]
of crown or Scheitelchakra time Tausendblättriger Lotus Paramashiva COM
6. Ājñā [आज्ञा]
(perceptive ones)
Stirnchakra or third eye area Zweiblättriger Lotus Sambhu A
5. Viśuddha [विशुद्ध]
(cleaning ones)
neck or Kehlchakra Ether (Akasha) 16-blättriger Lotus Sadashiva HAM
4. Anāhata [अनाहत]
Herzchakra wind (Vayu) Zwölfblättriger Lotus Isha YAM
3. Manipūra [मणिपूर]
(bright jewel)
Solarplexuschakra fire (Tejas) Zehnblättriger Lotus Rudra RAM
2. Svādhisthāna [स्वाधिष्ठान]
(sweet ones, lovely ones)
Sakral or Sexualchakra water (Ap) Sechsblättriger Lotus Vishnu VAM
1. Mūlādhāra [मूलाधार]
(root support)
peppering moose distal extremity earth (Prithivi) four-leaf Lotus Brahma and Ganesh LAM


the Chakren are assigned different universal qualities of the human life. From these qualities again subjectively positive and negative styles can be derived.

7.Spiritualität, consciousness, universal consciousness, highest realization
6.Perception, intuition, realization, will power
5.Expression, communication, inspiration, openness
4.Relationship, love, sympathy, heart warmth, healing
3.Will, power, personality, wisdom, processing (experiences, feelings)
2.Sexualität, feelings, creativity, inspiring ability, erotism
1.Survive, instincts Urvertrauen, stability, penetration ability

physical allocations

the Chakren different elements of the physical perception are assigned.With colors and tones the effects refer in each case to frequencies to the extent of a Oktave.

Spektralfarben of tones
7.Violet Ti
6.Darkblue La
5.Light blue so
4.Green company
3.Yellow Mi
2.Orange RH
1.Red DO

with the help of different techniques (e.g.: Yoga, Reiki, Pranic Healing® after Choa Kok Sui, Kinesiologie, Mudras) are to be able to be affected it positively, in order to manufacture a harmony between the mental body, the “life energy”, and the physical body.

physical and psychological influence

in the Yogaphilosophie becomesassumed the consciousness level of humans depends on the oscillating frequency of his Chakren. If the Chakren turns fast, they shine themselves strongly and are their colors clearly, should appropriate humans not only physical and mentally healthy be, but also on a high mirror-image-ritual Entwicklungsstufefind. If all seven Hauptchakren including the Kronenchakras are completely opened and the life energy (Prana) without blockades and disturbances can flow, one in the Hinduismus /Buddhismus speaks illuminated humans of one „“. It is assumed that the Chakren admits also in the Christian tradition(been) are. Whenever on Christian representations angels or holy ones (holy = welfare its) are shown, these have a holy light, thus „an illuminated “and/or. fully opened Kronenchakra. They therefore concerned at the highest mirror-image-ritual Entwicklungsstufe.

It is called, the development of the individual Chakren takes placein cycles at certain times of the life and begins already in the nut/mother body. The childhood up to 7. Lebensjahr is considered as a particularly coining/shaping phase. Trauma tables of events, love lacking, indifference of parents, negative coinages, suppression of the natural needs etc. during this time it could lead to the fact thatparticulars or several Chakren only insufficiently or not at all develop. So e.g. is the first Lebensjahr. particularly importantly for the Muladhara Chakra, which among other things is responsible for the Urvertrauen. E.g. becomes the baby in this time. separately from the nut/mother or its needs afterProximity, warmth, food etc. not satisfied, it can lead to the fact that the adult humans does not have confidence in the life and under fears of existence suffers. Also later events or a wrong way of life could lead beyond that to the fact that even in actually well developed Chakras blockades develop. Feelingslike fear, could lead envy, jealousy, hate to blockades. And an exaggerated adjustment accompanying with the restraint of the emotions could an energy back-up cause. The accumulated energy will itself then in inadequate way unloaded (e.g. violent rage accumulations).

Each of the seven Hauptchakren is for completely determined rangesthe physical health as well as the mental-mental procedures responsible its. Disturbances and blockades of the Chakren could itself therefore both on the physical and on psychological level and/or. accompanying show with one another. In the Yogaphilosophie is assumed humans these disturbances and blockades not powerlesslyis delivered. The Yogasystem is to offer possibilities of harmonizing the Chakren and of dissolving blockades gradually. One of the goals of the Yoga is it, body, to heal and to find to an entireness back soul and spirit in such a way in energetic way and in front-walk in the mirror-image-ritual development.It is to be considered however that it is not enough, itself e.g. to concern intensively with front and Kronenchakra, in order to attain realization, wisdom or illuminating. That would possible be only if all Chakren is equally opened and free, exactly the same as it little sense has, a roof(Kronenchakra) to set on a house, whose foundation (peppering moose distal extremity) is unstable.

In the following an overview of the Chakren with their allocations, physical and psychological symptoms influences positive with disturbances and blockades as well as by herbs, flavours, brook blooms, things of the everyday life and Yogaübungen.


peppering moose distal extremity

Muladhara Chakra (Mula = root, adhara = support)

stability, life will, vitality, instinct of self-preservation, security, Urvertrauen, grounding, admission of the earth energy

basin soil, thick and final intestine, bone, legs and feet, teeth and nails, blood formation, digesting, Ischiasnerv, gland function of the suprarenal bodies (educationof Kortison, adrenalin, Noradrenalin - for temperature equalizing, stress accomplishment, allergy sensitivity)

Vitality, good health constitution, Urvertrauen, security, security, with both legs on earth, perseverance, staying power, sturdy bones and nails, good teeth, good problem-free digesting and elimination

disturbances and blockades
life energy lacking,little joy of life, confidence lacking in the life, fears of existence, distrust, Phobien (e.g. before spiders or the like), psychological powerlessness, depressions, Blood pressure fluctuations, illnesses, allergische stress-caused intestine illnesses, Hämorrhoiden, blockage, failure, cross pain, witch shot, Ischialgien, bone illnesses, Osteoporose, pain in legs and feet, cramp veins and Venenleiden, blood poverty,Complaints

carnation, Rosmarin, Zypresse, Zeder (Smell lamp, Rosmarinbäder, Massage Steissbeinbereich and gesäss)

of herbs
valerian, lime tree blooms, elder

brook blooms
Clematis, Sweet Chestnut, skirt rose

in the everyday life
sporty manipulation, much fresh air, Fussmassagen, barefoot going, calf and thigh castings, earth, nature, garden work, red clothes +Cloths + articles, rhythmic music (drums), sunset

in the Yogaunterricht
All withstanding (e.g. Vrkshasana = grounding, rootedness, earth energy)
of everything that affects the feet, knee, legs, basin, Kreuzbein Steissbeinbereich; all preventing
vowel tones: U
Pranayama: I/O, in the AF Mula bandha, with AA again solve

Sakralchakra (also Genitalchakra)

Svadhisthana Chakra (Svadhisthana = sweet one, lovelyness)

Sexualität, Sinnlichkeit, reproduction, kind preservation, creativity, creative life energy, emotions,

Basin area, cross leg range, sex and abdomen organs, gonads, Gebärmutter, kidneys, blister, Prostata, decontamination, Blutkreislauf, Lymphfluss, hip joints, Lendenwirbelsäule, Immune system

Sinnlichkeit, joy of life, creative Kraft, Kreativität, sexual energy, desire alive, positive connections to other humans and on the other hand sex, self-confident its, inspiring ability

disturbances and blockades
To enjoy inability the life, mental powerlessness, Motivationslosigkeit, jealousy, debt feelings, forceful Sexualverhalten, Sexgier, sexual lack of interest, craze endangerment,strong changes in mood, Triebhaftigkeit, Menstruationsbeschwerden, illnesses of Gebärmutter and ovaries, Prostata and testicle illnesses, power disturbances, mushroom illnesses of the sex organs, sex diseases, kidney illnesses, blister problems, urinary passage infections, pain within the range of the LWS, Hüftschmerzen, results of decontamination lacking

Ylang Ylang, Sandelholz, Myrrhe, bitter orange, pepper, vanilla,(Smell lamp, flavour baths, Massage of the hypogastric region/shame leg range)

of herbs
Brennessel, sheep sheaf, parsley

brook blooms
Oak, olive, Pine

in the everyday life
Contact to the water: Walk at the lake, bathing, swimming, Dampfbad, very much drinking; Creativity, screen end of arts, orange clothes + cloths, orange articles and flowers, dancing e.g. Belly dance, Tantra, Sinnlichkeit: smelling body oils, flavour baths, benefit of good meal etc.

In the Yogaunterricht
All withstanding, all preventing, everything that on the basin area, cross leg range, the hip joints, which Lendenwirbelsäule works (e.g. Baddha Konasana, nut/mother child attitude etc.)
vowel tones: (closed) O
Pranayama: I/O, in AF Mula bandha, with the AAsolve

Nabelchakra (solar Plexus)

Manipura Chakra (Manipura = leuchender jewels)

Will power, self-assurance, personality, development I, self-check, feelings, sensitivity, power, penetration strength

stomach, small intestine, liver, spleen, Gallenblase, digesting process, vegetative nervous system, pancreas

highMeasure of energy and aliveness, self-confident its, goals will carried out, energy, strong personality, power in the positive sense accompanying with sensitivity and sympathy, intuitive decisions (from the belly), feelings can be accepted and lived, good nerves, good sleep,

disturbances and blockades
little life energy, feeling cold weather,Indifference, uncertainty, lacking self-confident its, power obsession, exaggerated ambition and achievement thinking, Rücksichtslosigkeit, rage accumulations, Essstörungen, sleep disturbances, goals do not reach, no penetration strength, blocked feelings, stomach illnesses, Sodbrennen, illnesses of liver, spleen + Gallenblase, jaundice, digesting disturbances, pain in the LWS, nerve illnesses, diabetes, predominance,

Lavendel, chamomile, Lemon, anise (Smell lamp, chamomile baths, Solarplexus - Massage)

of herbs
Fenchel, chamomile, Wacholder

brook blooms
Impatiens, Scleranthus, Hornbeam

in the everyday life
Deep belly respiration, short sun baths, yellow articles of clothing + cloths, yellow wallpapers, yellow articles and flowers, fire (fire-place, campfire, candles), sensitive music,

in the Yogaunterricht
all turning exercises, everything thatthe belly organs affects (e.g. Pavana Mukthasana)
vowel tones: (open) O
Pranayama: (while stationary) I/O, AF + before the AA Uddiyana bandha, before the I/O again solve


Anahata Chakra (Anahata = not fastened, intact)

love, sympathy, humanity, affection, security, openness, tolerance, Heart quality

heart, lung, bronchi, Blutkreislauf, blood pressure, skin, arms + hands, upper back, shoulders, thymus gland (immune system),

sympathy, deep understanding and itself imagining, overcoming of self-interested thinking and acting, comprehensive unselfish love, tolerance in relation to other-thinking one and strange cultures, it fallseasily for other responsibility to take over, also despite weaknesses and errors affectionately, heart warmth disturbances

and blockades take care of
Lieblosigkeit, heart cold weather, Verbitterung, contact contacts, isolation, to accept problems of love relations problems, Koronare heart illnesses + angina Pectoris, heartbeat disturbances, high or low blood pressure, increased Cholesterinwerte, blood circulation disturbances, lung illnesses, Asthma, breath complaints, frequent colds, allergies, pain in the BWS and shoulders, rheumatism in arms and hands, skin diseases

rose, jasmine, Estragon (Smell lamp, rose baths, Brustmassagen)

of herbs
white thorn, Thymian, Melisse

brook blooms
Talk Chestnut, Willow, Chicory (Zichorie)

in the everyday life
spoil themselvesand gifts make, much into nature to go and the green from meadows and forests itself affect let, about others worry, openly its for the problems of other, other organisms (also animals) sympathy bring, becomes green to clothes, wallpapers, articles, many green plants in the dwelling, other oneHumans affect and embrace, Shiatsu - o. Massagekurs visit/ Reiki learn (hands)

in the Yogaunterricht
All back bends, turns, exercises for shoulders, BWS, arms + hands, everything which the heart circulation system affects e.g. Surya Namaskar (sun greeting)
vowel tones: A
Pranayama: I/O in connection with the spreading of the arms(Heart space opening)


Vishuddha Chakra (Vishuddhi = clean)

communication, word consciousness, inspiration, truth, mental Kraft, Ausdruck of creativity, musi potashty

Neck, larynx, Kiefer, feeding and bronchial tube, respiration, voice, neck spinal column, neck, shoulders, ears, thyroid (metabolism, Nervous system)

Expression ability, language skill, able to communicateness, conscious handling words (truthfulness), beautiful voice, musi potashty,

disturbances and blockades
Difficulties of feelings and thoughts into words to seize, fear its own opinion to do not represent, inhibitions, shyness, an entrance to the internal voice, Sore throats, neck and almond inflammations, hoarseness, language disturbances e.g. Stottern, oral cavity, gum Kieferentzündungen, pain in HWS, neck + shoulders, over/subfunction of the thyroid and thus accompanying disturbances like e.g. Nervousness/drive weakness

Eukalyptus, fighter, peppermint (Smell lamp, Dampfbäder with peppermint, Massage of neck + necks)

of herbs
Peppermint, Huflattich, Salbei

brook blooms
Agrimony,Cerato, Mimulus

in the everyday life
foreign languages learn to attend , Rhetorikkurs, write , sky-blue, vacation at the sea or (blue) a lake, light blue clothes, cloths, wallpapers and articles, being correct exercises with vowels and Mantras , music instruction + singing hours, in the choir along-sing diary, say its opinion,

in the Yogaunterricht
back bends z. B. SetuBandha and reversal attitudes e.g. Sarvangasana, all exercises for HWS + neck, the lion attitude
vowel tones: E
Pranayama: I/O, in the AF Jalandhara bandha, with the AA solve


Ajna Chakra (Ajna = notice)

intuition, wisdom, realization, perception, fantasy, imaginative power,Self realization

physically sensory organs: Eyes, ears + nose, Tastsinn, Nebenhöhlen, brain, hypophysis (and thus the entire hormone and nervous system)

Good memory and concentration ability, good intuition and realization of higher realnesses beyond everyday life consciousness, übersinnliche perception (Telepathie), good imaginative powerand many fantasy, mental clarity, self realization

disturbances and blockades
Concentration and learning weaknesses, missing insight and fantasy, a jerky spirit, schizophrenia, fears + illusion conceptions, superstition + mental confusion, tendency low (Sinnlosigkeit), Headache + Migräne, brain illnesses, eye suffering, ear suffering, chron. Cold + Nebenhöhlenentzündungen, illnesses of the nervous system+ neurological disturbances,

jasmine, Minze, Lemongrass, violet, (Smell lamp, baths with Veilchenöl, Massage „of the third eye “)

of herbs
Johanniskraut, spruce, eye comfort

brook blooms
Crab Apple, Vine, Walnut

in the everyday life
Occupation with philosophical and religious writings, argument with its dreams, Meditationen(however not with completely blocked Ajna Chakra), fairy tales and Fantasy - read literature, invent stories, blue clothes, cloths, walls and articles

in the Yogaunterricht
All reversal attitudes, Eye exercises, Visualisationsübungen, daydreaming iron
Vowel tones: I
Pranayama: Nadi Shodhana, Kapalabhati


Sahasrara Chakra (Sahasrara = tausendfältig, thousandfold)

Spiritualität, God realization/God confidence (Ishvarapranidhana), illuminating, Religiosität, completion

Central brain, pineal gland (epiphysis) (sleep awake rhythm), but has a protecting effect on the entire organism is not assigned to individual organs. In the pineal gland the endogenous Psychedelikum N, n Dimethyltryptamin in the highest concentrations comes in the bodyforwards. It is one the main neurotransmitter, which are responsible for the rem dream, and particularly with death in extreme doses is probably paid.

Mirror-image-ritual understanding, self implementation, deeper internal peace, and (presupposed, also all other Chakras is fully developed and free from disturbances) illuminating, completion

Arrest in the material world, a feeling of lack, emptiness and discontent, world pain, dull/mustyness, mental exhaustion, denial of the creator strength Immune weakness, nerve suffering, paralysis features, multiple Sklerose, cancer illnesses, in and Durchschlafstörungen

Weihrauch, rose wood (Smell lamp, full bath with Rosenholzöl)

brook blooms
Wildly rose, game Chestnut

in the everyday life
Mountain summits climb, far views/far horizon, white and violet clothes, cloths, articles, flowers

in the Yogaunterricht
Reversal attitudes,above all however silence exercises, Meditationen
Exercises to the perception and Energetisierung of the aura
Mantra: COM


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