Blick auf den Lake Champlain
name: Champlainsee
situation: Vermont, New York< /br> (the USA), Québec (Canada)
surface 1,130 km ²
maximum depth: 121 m
of supplies: Otter Creek, Winooski,
Missisquoi, Lamoille,
Ausable, Chazy
of discharges: Richelieu
height over NN: 30 m
larger cities on the bank: Burlington, haven Henry,
characteristics: angebl. Sighting< /br> of a monster

the Champlainsee is that sixth-largest inland waters in the United States. It lies south of Montréal between that Green Mountains and the Adirondacks at the border of the US Federal States Vermont and New York, has however in the north also still small portion in the Canadian province Québec. It is designated after Samuel de Champlain, who discovered it 1609.

In approximately 180 km the long and up to 19 km broad Champlainsee are appropriate for about 80 islands, from which Vermont forms its own administrative district in the US state. It is after the large lakes in the middle west the largest lake of the united ones States.


at the 11. September 1814 firstrode the American fleet a shining victory against the moving forward Englishmen, when these from Canada an invasion of the State of New York tried.

In 19. Century became the Champlainsee by Duct system connected with the Hudson. The ports Burlington, haven Henry and Plattsburgh are only from small commercial interest.

Admits became waters also by the rumor of a sea-monster, who is called above after its discoverer Champ already mentioned.Since 1982 stands the distant related Nessies even under legal protection, since it became an important tourist attraction.

Coordinates: 44° 34 ' N, 73° 21 ' W


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