Charles Boyer

Charles Boyer (* 28. August 1897 in Figeac, France; † 26. August 1978 in Phoenix, Arizona) was a French actor.

After a study of philosophy to the Sorbonne visited Boyer that Paris conservatoires and began afterwards its play career at the theatre.

After it had already turned motion picture films into the 1920er and early 1930er years, the possibility resulted 1934 of changing to Hollywood. It played there at the side of Greta Garbo, Danielle Darrieux or also Marlene Dietrich.

Its probably most famous role had Charles Boyer 1943 as Gregory Anton in the film the house of the lady Alquist (English. Title: Gaslight). Here it tried to convince his Mrs. Paula - easily of Ingrid Bergman - of the fact that it was mad.

Boyer remained successful over several decades as actors.

Two days after that his Mrs. Pat Paterson at cancer , killed themselves Charles Boyer had deceased.

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