Charles Brackett

Charles Brackett (* 26. November 1892 in Saratoga jump; † 9. March 1969 in Los Angeles) was an US-American film script author.

Brackett began its literary activity first as a theatre critic. For the magazine New Yorker one it replaced 1925 Herman Mankiewicz as a theatre critic, who went exactly like it 1929 to Hollywood as a film script author. Brackett celebrated its largest successes as a CO author of Billy of savages, with whom he worked for the 1930er years at 13 films together.

Charles Brackett were nominated altogether eight times for a OSCAR and received the Trophäe three times. For the first time 1946 for the lost weekend, then 1951 for boulevard of the dawn, as well as 1954 for fall of the Titanic. In addition it received the honour OSCAR to 1958.

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