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Henry Charles Bukowski jr. (* 16. August 1920 in other oh one than Heinrich Karl Bukowski, † 9. March 1994 in San Pedro/Los Angeles) was an US-American poet and writer. It published between 1960 and the early 90's over fortyBooks with poems and Prosa.

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asHe pulled Heinrich Karl Bukowski and son of a US soldier of Polish origin named Henry Bukowski and the German Katharina fat in other oh one on the Rhine, Germany, born, with his parents 1922 to Los Angeles, California.

It gave Anton Tschechow, Ernest Hemingway, John Fante and Louis Ferdinand Céline („journey to the end of the night “) as literary models on and had a Faible for classical music (favourite composer Gustav of meals and Jean Sibelius).

Bukowskis childhood was very difficult. Its father was a milk supplier, and the family lived in occasionally very poor conditions. Regularly betrogthe father the nut/mother with other women, got drunk and omitted his rage by force at the son. Into puberty come, Bukowski suffered besides from strong acne and had at the whole body Pusteln, which let him even one year the school suspend. After thatSchool studied Bukowski first journalism at of Los Angeles town center the college and tried already in recent years - first without large success - as a writer. Many years long it lived a little established, made countless jobs, sat for short time in the prison (because of drunkennessness) and inthe psychiatry. Stations of these moving years were among other things new Orleans, Miami Beach, New York, Atlanta, Chicago and Philadelphia. 1943 it was examined and classified as physical and mentally unfit for the military service.

1947 returned Bukowski to Los Angeles andJane Conney Baker became acquainted with, with which he lived together to beginning of the 50's. it hired 1952 on for approximately two years with the American Postbehörde as Briefzusteller. 1955 it was in-supplied because of a stomach bleeding, which would have almost deadly run, to the hospital. After its dismissalit began to write poems. 1957 he married Barbara Frye, from which he could be separated 1959 again. Barbara Frye, which originated from a wealthy family, was even an authoress and at the same time Herausgeberin of a small, alternative literature magazine named Harlequin. End of the 50's hired Bukowski againthe post office on, this time in the indoor service. He worked eleven years as letter sorter. Its experiences as an employee of the U.S. Pos valley service processed Bukowski in its first novel, „the man with polishing with a leather ash “(original title: „Post office Office “). In January 1962 Jane Conney Baker died, according to Bukowski due to theirexcessive consumption of alcohol.

1962 brought the litre primeval times writing „to The outsider “a special issue over Bukowski and lent to it the title „outsiders of the yearly “. The publishers of „The outsiders “, Louise and John Webb, brought also Bukowskis first large poem volume to 1963 out („It Catches My Heart in Its hand “). Inthe time as letter sorters Charles Bukowski began besides to write weekly columns for the alternative newspaper „to open town center “in Los Angeles. A part of the Kurzgeschichten appeared later in book form („Notes OF A Dirty old one “).

1965 became Bukowski father of a daughter, Marina Louise Bukowski. Withthe nut/mother of the girl, Frances Smith, Bukowski lived together, it was however never married. In an interview with the newspaper „Long Beach press telegram “in the year 2000 expressed itself Marina (now Marina Bukowski Stone) very positively over Bukowski and described it as an affectionate father.

1969 gave up to Bukowski the post office job and tried to live exclusively of its activity as writers. This was made possible for it among other things by a regular allowance of his American publisher at that time John Martin of Black Sparrow presses.

Beginning of the 70's had Bukowski a stormy affairwith the sculptress Linda King. The relationship dragged on over several years, whereby it came to repeated separations with following reconciliation. The partially painful experiences of this relationship process Bukowski in several chapters of its novel “the dear life of the Hyäne” (original titles: „Women “). 1985 married BukowskiLinda Lee Beighle. The two were since 1977 a pair and lived together, with some interruptions, from 1978 to Bukowskis end of life.

Charles Bukowski deceased at the age of 73 years in March 1994 in Los Angeles at leukaemia.


Bukowskis storiesare frequently part auto+biographic, although mostly sow-Irish superelevates. In view of its Biografie it does not surprise that it concerns frequently humans, who would run themselves on the shade side „of the American Way OF “by the lives strike. Its Protagonisten are smallcriminal, boozers, homeless people, Huren and it - in formits literary age Egos Henry China ski (called Hank).

Bukowski writes in a hard, direct language, and he does not leave the schmuddeligen aspects blank of the human life in his stories by any means. In particular its dialogues are Excellency observed and on highest level written. Critics called it also thatWrite world champion in the heavyweight.

A most intimate idea of its childhood and youth the book gives „the worst comes still or nearly a youth “. „Ham on Rye “Bukowski selected the original title following the title Catcher into the Rye of J.D. Salinger.

Bukowski applies for manyas myth and cult and was in particular in Europe very successful. However in Germany it sold more than 4 million books. Already during its lifetimes it promoted the picture from the drinking and krakeelenden genius to forces. Legendary for example the reading is in thatHamburg market hall end of the 1970er years, with which a refrigerator had to stand on the stage, so that the alcohol supply did not tear off.

In the novel „Pulp “(dt. „Expenditure-dreamed “), which he terminated during his last heavy cancer illness, it leaves the range of the auto+biographic letter, although it on thatEven one of the personalen storyteller remains. The history of the private detective is told nods Belane, which finds death in the figure of a beautiful woman. Auto+biographic courses are to be found strongly verfremdet in this last novel only in symbolic form and.

Most German translations comeby Carl Weissner, with which Bukowski connected a close friendship.


normally (Ordinary

Madness) Italian Bukowski filming of Marco Ferreri

moves films [ work on] from the year 1981 with Ben Gazzara (as Hank China ski) and Ornella Muti in the main roles. Basedon the book „Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions and general of valley OF Ordinary Madness “of 1972.


the film of bar-pray Schroeder from the year 1987 with Mickey Rourke in the role of the Henry China ski. Bukowski wrote the film script in co-operation with bar-prays to Schroederalready at the beginning of the 80's. The realization dragged on however several years, since Schroeder could find first no backers. According to Bukowski also Sean Penn and Madonna had a large interest in the two main roles. The two were married into the 80ern and visited Bukowskiseveral times in its house in San Pedro. To co-operation it did not come however, since the two wanted another director. Bukowski however felt bar-prays Schroeder in relation to in the obligation.

In the book „Hollywood “tells Bukowski of its experiences with the film industry and of it,as it sees itself again as a young man on the canvas. The book describes the production of „Barfly on a verfremdeten level “from Bukowskis view. He is to be seen to that in the film as a Statist and plays a drunkard (itself), at a Tresenin a bar and Faye Dunaway ( Hauptdarstellerin beside Mickey Rourke) sits checks, which passes behind him.


the Norwegian director Bent Hamer filmed Bukowskis novel „Factotum “with matt Dillon as Hank China ski and lily Taylor in the main roles. The film came to 8. December 2005 into the cinemas and shows the age ego Bukowskis.

Bukowski: Fount Into This

a documentary film by John Dullaghan. The film ran starting from 2004 in American cinemas and is meanwhile erhätlich as DVD. Dullaghan also cooperated for this filmBukowskis widow Linda together. Therein Sean Penn, Tom WAITs, Bono and many further going away and friends express themselves over Bukowski.


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publisher shank

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