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Charles Crodel (* 16. September 1894 in Marseille, France; † 28. November 1973 in Munich) was active as painters and within the bildnerischen range in Germany.

Charles Crodel: Pc. Katharinenkirche, Frankfurt

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Carl Fritz David Crodel, called Charles Crodel, Richard Crodel buildup and studied after graduation in Jena 1914 with smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Riemerschmid in Marseille as a son of the there consul and sea biologist in Munich.

The Jenaer art paedagogue Christoph Natter with the painter Elizabeth von Fiebig announced it , who married Crodel 1918. Since 1915 Crodel at the University of Jena was written in the subjects archaeology as well as history of art. It was friendly with thatAn archaeologist harsh ore cook, with Justus beer and Erich bulkhead and was member of the board of the Jenaer of art association. For the art association Crodel wrote the Urverzeichnis of the graphics donation Ernst Ludwig Kirchners, while he developed his own printing element place.

A fundamental of CrodelsWork is the argument with the descriptive picture language since the antique one in technical and ikonographischer regard; in its art-scientific lectures Crodel spoke also later therefore “on Thomas's man than painters ". Gotten used to with Gerhard Marcks, for which it also printed,if Crodel became first with its woodcuts and lithographies (1923 acquisitions by the copper pass cabinet of the citizens of Berlin national gallery and the copper pass cabinet of the Bibliothèque national one, Paris), then however by its early Wandmalereien admits (1924 Friedrich Schiller university Jena, 1925 hospital at the Scot ring, Erfurt).

1927 appointed the city resound (Saale) to Crodel as teacher for painting and graphics to the college of arts and crafts castle Giebichenstein. There Crodel built the workshops for Wandmalerei and the graphics workshops for erasure with Rudolf Baschant and lithography with walter Herzgeras coworkers up. Lectures on history of art supplemented instruction. Carl Friedrich Schinkels of murals for bath allium city in continuation of motives, which resounded to university, developed (1928 the improvisations over lives and death with motives of the Second World War and outthe work of the Francisco de Goya into the Burse to the tulip and 1931 the race of the Atalante in the gymnastic hall in the Moritzburg (resounds), today “Crodel resounding “), the jury-free art exhibition Berlin and the citizens of Berlin building exhibition 1932. In this yearCrodel received also the mansion Romana price.

Already 1930 magaziniert in Weimar lock museums of works of bar-laugh, Crodel, Dexel, Feininger, Kandinsky, Kirchner, clover, Kokoschka, loam-bridge, Mark, Marcks, Minne, Moltzahn, Schlemmer, Schmdt Rottluff “thus crucial German art of the present.” (The art sheet, 14, 1930,S. 379)

In the summer 1933 Crodels work in the center of the citizens of Berlin art arguments stood, whereby its monumental work for bath allium city was publicly burned and destroyed (to the Goethe year 1932 Giebichenstein resulted under in the context of the renewal of the health establishments from the college of arts and crafts castleLine of the architect Hans joke who) as well as the Wandmalereien in that and in the register office south in resounds to the castle Giebichenstein.

In the future Crodel new possibilities for employment in co-operation with church, post office and industry looked for itself. After his drafts wife led Elizabeth Crodel geb. of Fiebig (1897-1967), which even painter was, picture carpets out. In co-operation with Puhl & Wagner, Berlin, for mosaics , ground glass joint and glass painting developed. In united the Lausitzer glass works (VLG) Crodel cooperated with William car field, inBerlin with the HB workshops for ceramic(s) until 1973, created by Hedwig Bollhagen.

Up to destruction wave of 1936 (destruction of the Fresco Secco Wandmalereien in the university resounded) Crodel with three works was represented in the new department of the citizens of Berlin national gallery in the crowning prince palace. ThoseAction degenerate art of 1937 seized alone in the meadow museum Erfurt 30 work.

1945 were appointed Crodel to the university for applied art in Dresden, furnished a little later at the university for screen end of arts in Berlin the “chair Crodel” and to 1951 were Crodel again teachers at the castle Giebichenstein. 1951 it changed to the academy of the forming arts Munich and taught also in the USA to the Penn State University and the University OF Louisville.

Crodel was among other thingsMember of the free secession and the citizen of Berlin secession, the working group of the jury-free art exhibition, Berlin, the German artist federation, the German work federation, the academy of the arts (Berlin) [1], the Bavarian academy of the beautiful arts in Munich [2] and the new group (Munich).

To its effect time in (Saale) remind the Carl Crodel way and Crodel resounding of the Moritzburg resound (resounds).


  • Gerhard Marcks: Charles Crodel, 1927, bronze (list of works Rudloff No. 166)



the written deduction art came in the Germanic national museum since 1974 into archives for screen end (and. A. 20 diary volumes with designs and smaller water colors). Further existencein the academy of the arts to Berlin [3] [4] and the university of Louisville [5].

building-bound of works of Crodel

the list of works of the build-bound work down under “lists of works”.

glass painting

the glass painting had Crodel duringits study in the Munich 1914 with smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Riemerschmid become acquainted with and in resounds 1932 on the occasion of the renewal of the Naumburger of cathedral seized. After that 2. It sketched world war and others also usually the personally implemented five west choir windows of pc. Michaelis in Hildesheim,the colored glass windows of the Kart (h) äuserkirche in Cologne, [6] the choir windows of pc. Jacobi in Hamburg, pc. Andreas in Braunschweig, Verglasungen of several town center churches in Frankfurt/Main - among other things Three-king church and Katharinenkirche in connection with the architect Theo waiter, furthermore the Glasfenster of pc. Petri in Magdeburg, of pc. George in Schmalkalden, the village church of down new village, the March in Luther church in Bestenheid, the heart Jesu church in singer living and Glasfenster in the Erfurter cathedral, in the town church ofFriedberg (Hessen) and in Sweden - among other things in Mjölby (Östergötland).

A sample glass window to the main church pc. Jacobi is received in the museum for art and trade in Hamburg.


Greece and driving of the Turks out of thatAtheni castle (1925) Friedrich Schiller university Jena, pc. Martin 5.97 m * 4.60 m (1926), house at the four seasons in Erfurt (in former times hospital at the Scot ring), legend of the Erfurter well chapel, lock museum Weimar (1927 from Jena after transfer, at present not accessible).The 1933 and 1936 in bath allium city and resounds re-painted over murals among other things in that Crodel resounding of the Moritzburg (resounds) and the Burse to the tulip are not restored yet.


white hall (139 m ²) in the hall construction meal (1954).

works of Crodel in museums

(selection without industrial glass of the united Lausitzer of glass works and ceramic(s))

academy of the arts, Berlin, Vesuvlandschaft. Oil;. about 1951 and further works.

Old national gallery Berlin, among other things Erfurter cathedral and Severikirche, 1929; Roundabout, 1966,At the bird house, water color as well as 24 graphics in the copper pass cabinet.

Graphothek Berlin 14 sheets graphics and designs.

Meadow museum Erfurt the catalog “meadow museum Erfurt 1886-1986, Erfurt 1986 leads 23 works seized in the course of the action “degenerate art” 1937 on (H. Beautiful man: The structurea modern gallery in the meadow museum until 1933 and their destruction in the time of fascism. In: Museum and present, resound 1986, S. 39-41). The today's existence contains among other things the group of Greeks of Gerhard Marcks (1931), painted by Crodel, of Crodels Copenhagen(1938) as well as 5 further pictures, 6 graphics and 9 water colors and 1 embroidery of Charles and Elizabeth Crodel.

National gallery Moritzburg resounds, pictures, graphics and arts and crafts and industrialisms; Mural in the Crodelhalle (yet not restored).

Museum of the forming artsLeipzig, woman with black point scarf and lithography: Erfurt with Sichelmond.

All R. Hite Instutute of the University OF Louisville, several graphics and designs.

Luther college, Decorah, Iowa. Henri Friedlaender Collection, “Women pouring more water” and graphics of Franz Wildenhainand Marguerite Friedlaender from the printing element places of the castle Giebichenstein led by Crodel (stylistic following Crodel and Marcks).[7]

Urban gallery in the Lenbachhaus Munich fairy tale storyteller 1937-1945 (Tunisreise 1935) and 8 further works (among other things Cafe long line in Copenhagen, 1927 andPortrait EDP pool of broadcasting corporations Munch, 1934).

Bibliothèque national one de France: Cabinet of the estampes, of Paris several graphics.

The North Carolina museum OF kind, Raleigh, Mexican Painter (1961).

Virginia museum OF Fine kind. The Ludwig and Rosy Fischer Collection, smelling moon four graphics.


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exhibition catalogs

  • Charles Crodel arts and crafts: Exhibition to 100. Birthday. - Resounds: Staatl. GalleryMoritzburg, 1994. - ISBN 3-86105-116-8
  • painting, graphics, arts and crafts. - Resounds: Staatl. Gallery Moritzburg, 1982

lists of works

listing of the exhibitions:[9] and the works [10], issued in the German artist federation

, listing of build-bound works: [11]

Listing of the paintings: Erika Lehmann: Graphics, painting and arts and crafts of Charles Crodel. Surrounding field, life and work, Diss. Resounding joke mountain 1984, Bd. II, S. 129 - 186 = 1209 numbers (specimen copy in the library that Hamburg arts center)

listing of graphics: Cornelius Steckner:Charles Crodel: the graphic work, Munich 1985.


to the ancestors Crodels belong the human Marcus Crodel (* around 1487 in Weimar) [12] and the members the painter family of the same name from the periphery of the Lucas Cranach (Krodel well in Snow mountain). Paul Eduard Crodel (1862-1928), mentioned snow and rain Crodel, was trained at that Weimar painter school and important joint founders of the residents of Munich secession and the young Crodel a model.


already in Jena formed around Crodel, for that thatExecutive committee of the Jenaer of art association belonged and the art associations of Central Germany to a group brought, the Thüringer together group (exhibitions among other things in Hamburg). Its working in resounds since 1937 was with its citizens of Berlin operational readiness level as a member and others the citizen of Berlin secession connected. Lastingly workedCrodel on the art development of the GDR and the residents of Munich painting.

Crodes glass window work belongs to the most important picture creations of the modern trend in Germany.


Crodel had an extensive pupil circle at the castle Giebichenstein resounds (between 1933 and 1939 privatelyin connection with Paul Frankl) [13], probably to the Staedelschule in Frankfurt [14] as well as as well as after 1945 in Dresden, Berlin and resounds at the Munich academy and in the United States. Crodel informed even at smaller institutions among other thingsin Mannheim and at the residents of Munich school for costume customer and Design Hermine of Parish.

Briefly Bunge, Albert Ebert, Fritz Friday, Urd of Hentig, Otto Mueller, Hans Rothe, Stefan Vucmanovic, Hannes Wagner.

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