Charles E. Rosendahl

admiral Charles Emery Rosendahl (* 15. May 1892 in Chicago /Il. ; † 17. May 1977) was one of the most important personalities in the American naval airship travel.

During the First World War it served USS Huntington on the American cruiser and was involved to the Indiestellung of the USS McKean.

It survived the crash of the first American rigid airship USS Shenandoah, was from 1931-1933 commander of the USS Akron to briefly before its loss and also during the world travel on board LZ 127 „count Zeppelin “.

During the Second World War coordinated Rosendahl the airship activities of the US Navy, selected Luftschiffbasen and established a training program.

It kommandiert from August 1942 by April 1943 the USS Minneapolis (CA-36). To 30. November 1942 it participated in the battle with Tassafaronga . The ship lost its nose by a Japanese torpedo hit, could however to Pearl Harbour return. But Rosendahl received the Navy CROSS.

In the spring it turned 1943 after Lakehurst back over to the training of the air boat operators to work. There it was promoted to countering admiral.

1946 became Rosendahl from the service of the navy to dismiss. Before contacting however Hugo Eckener by it second lieutenant Godon Vaeth to the Bodensee sent to discuss in order to build the continuation of the building of airships, the whereabouts of the German airship technology and the readiness with German assistance of far airships.

A large part of its retirement Rosendahl of lighter when air wdmete - technology.

It died to 17. May 1977

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