Charles Eames

Charles Ormand Eames (* 17. June 1907 in Saint Louis, Missouri, † 21. August 1978 ebda.) was an US-American designer and architect. Together with its wife Ray Eames (* 1912, † 1988) developed it a glued laminated wood rail for wounded soldiers for the US-Army. From the technology of bending laminated wood under steam it derived different furniture drafts. Later it turned with furniture drafts to the fiber glass and the aluminum casting.

It admits less is that the Eames was active as Experimentalfilmer for the 1950er years and also for enterprises (like e.g. IBM) films for exhibitions provided.

furniture drafts

  • 1945 Plywood Chair
  • 1946 Plywood Group
  • 1950 fiber glass of Chair
  • 1956 Lounge Chair
  • 1958 aluminum Group
  • 1962 tandem Seating

furniture are produced to a large extent today still by Herman Miller in the USA and Vitra in Germany.


  • ten high

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