Charles gate Dawes

Charles gate Dawes (* 27. August 1865 in Marietta, Ohio; † 23. April 1951 in Evanston, Illinois) was the founder after him designated Dawes plan, for which it received 1925 the Nobel peace prize. From 1925 to 1929 he was US vice-president.

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lives and work

early years and training

Charles gate Dawes was a great-grandchild of William Dawes, a well-known participant of the American war of independence and son of a Brigadier General. It made for 1884 its conclusion at the Marietta college and 1886 to the Cincinatti Law School. Afterwards Nebraska practiced as a lawyer from 1887 to 1894 in Lincoln.

1896 the presidency election of

William McKinley supported political career and career Dawes and in response of this starting from 1898 as a currency commissioner of the US Government was used. In this function it could implement a reform of the bank nature, in addition it worked against monopolizing of business enterprises. After McKinley 1901 was murdered withdrew themselves Dawes first times from the policy and became supervisory board chairman of a well-known Chicagoer bank.

he stood as a candidate to 1902 unsuccessfully for the US senate and used themselves in the consequence for social services. Thus it created 1913 in Chicago “R. F. Dawes hotel for Men ", a mechanism for homeless people. During the First World War it served John Pershing in the supply nature first as a major, then as a lieutenant colonel and last as a Brigadier General under general. 1919 it left the army and became 1921 first director of the new budgetary authority.

1923 were shifted Dawes to the allied reparation commission and developed there the Dawes plan designated after it. Together with Owen D. Young should develop it a concept, which should serve the situation in Europe for a financial relaxation. With the help of this plan Germany should be able to pay its reparation payments, which were called in after the war, and a stabilization of the German currency to be reached. The plan was present in April 1924 and planned a financing over American loans. Thus the situation was eased and a foundation-stone for the signing of the contracts of Locarno was put. Dawes received the German economy to 1925 for its work on a program to stabilize the Nobel peace prize.

By the re-election of the republican Calvin Coolidge to the US president to 5. November 1924 became Dawes US vice-president. Its term of office ended to 4. March 1929. From 1929 to 1932 he was an American Ambassador in Great Britain. Subsequently, it returned to the banking and was up to his death Chairman OF the board of the town center National Bank and Trust of cost. in Chicago, Illinois, where it was also buried.


Dawes as an autodidact Piano and composing taught themselves. To its composition of 1912, “Melody in A major”, was written to 1951 under the title “It's universe in The Game” by Carl Sigman a text. The song was taken up later by artists such as Tommy Edward , Van Morrison , Cliff smelling pool of broadcasting corporations and Elton John.

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