Charles Greeley Abbot

Charles Greeley Abbot (* 31. May 1872 in Wilton, New Hampshire, the USA; † 17. December 1973 in Riverdale, Maryland, the USA) was an US-American astrophysicist.

1895 to 1896 were Abbot assistant at the astrophysical observatory of the Smithsonian institution in Washington, D. C.. 1896 to 1906 he was a deputy director and 1907 to 1944 director of the institute.

Abbot worked in particular in the area of the meteorology, the radiation of the stars and the sun. It determined the solar constant and was joint founder of sun physics.

1909 designed Abbot a Pyrheliometer, with which he made first precise measurements the solar constant. Abbot belonged to first, those assumed the fact that the radiation of the sun varies temporally and could prove the influence of these changes on the weather to 1953.


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