Charles Lindbergh

Charles Lindbergh

Charles Augustus Lindbergh II. (* 4. February 1902 in Detroit, Michigan, the USA; † 26. August 1974 in Kipahulu, Maui, Hawaii), was an US-American pilot.

He was first humans,with an airplane without intermediate stop the Atlantic from New York to Paris crossed and became thereby one of the most well-known persons of aviation.

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Charles Lindbergh in Detroit as a son of Swedish immigrants one bore. Its father was an attorney and congressional representative, his nut/mother chemistry teacher. Already as a child it was interested in engines and machines.

1922 brokeit after scarcely two years because of bad achievements a mechanical engineering study off and completed pilot training with the “Nebraska aircraft corporation”, which included mechanic training with. Since however no firm course program had been specified, it came in fact only on fewFlying hours. It was not allowed to complete the locking solo flight, since it could not apply the 500 dollar safety bail for possible damages of the airplane.

Some months long Lindbergh did for flight demonstrations with another pilot together, whereby he however notflew, but only parachute jumps undertook. Afterwards it bought its own airplane, a Curtiss JN-4 “Jenny”, with which it acquired and until 1924 as an art flier by the country drew the still which is missing experience.

In this year it stepped the American army aviators(United States Army air service), where he got good flight training. After initial difficulties it made its conclusion in March 1925 as the class-best. Since at that time for military pilots little need existed, Lindbergh became a post office flier on the distance Pc. Of Louis - Chicago.

Starting from 1926 it was occupied with the idea of the non-stop flight from New York to Paris. In May 1919 Raymond Orteig had - in France of born Americans, that it from the bus Schaffner to wealthy Hotelbesitzerbrought - a price over 25,000 dollar for the first non-stop flight between the two cities, all the same in which direction, had suspended. Some pilots had already failed because of this task. Lindbergh contacted the rather unknown airplane manufacturer Ryan airlines in San Diegoand it inquired whether Ryan could build a single-engine machine for this distance. Ryan already accepted the challenge, and to 28. April 1927 was finished the airplane after only two months development and construction period. The machine mirror-image-guessed/advised OFPc. Louis baptized.

Already the transfer of the airplane from coast to coast happened in record time. To 20. May 1927 around 7:54 clock finally started Lindbergh of the Roosevelt airfield in New York to its solo flight, whose distance amounted to 5,808, 50 km (3610 miles).For weight reasons Lindbergh had done in favor of maximum fuel load even without radio and sextant and was dependent therefore only on maps and compass. Largest problems prepared for it a snowstorm with Newfoundland, which it flew over to New York and new Scotland, as well asthe overcoming of the tiredness on its way over south Ireland and south England on the European continent. Navigation succeeded to it however particularly well, because when it reached the coast of Ireland, it was only 8 km of the coursedeviated. It was then easy for it relatively to reach at the coast of Ireland and England along over the English Channel France. Paris finally found by the far away visible Citroën - lighting of the Eiffelturms to Lindbergh. In its biography Lindbergh writes thatit with the thought played to fly on to Rome because still plentifully fuel was present, because it could then there have landed with daylight, and because it did not realize itself, as very Frenchmen expected it. After 33,5 hoursit landed then nevertheless on the airport Le Bourget in Paris under the rejoicing of an inspired crowd and won thereby prize money.

As “Flying Fool” (crazy flier) from the press tituliert, even found in his honours a Konfettiparade in new one York instead of - Lindbergh had become a national hero.

Lindbergh was not however, how often stated, first at all, which flew over the Atlantic. Actual already was it the 67. Humans, who this achieved, because the first nonstop Atlantiküberquerung found already 1919 byAirplane by John Alcock and Arthur Whitten Brown instead of. Later the English airship R34 went back few days nonstop from England to Mineola/New York and after a landing nonstop.

Lindbergh succeeded eight years later however the first non-stop flight of new one York to Paris and the first however crossing of the Atlantiks. The first solo flight over the Atlantic ocean from east to west succeeded to 4. September 1936 of the British female pilot Beryl Markham. These two flights however actually meant a backward step,because the trend went to airplanes with several crew members and with passengers.

Charles Lindbergh during a flight from Paris to Brussels, after its transatlantic flight.
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1929 married Lindbergh Anne Morrow,the daughter of the businessman and politician Dwight Morrow, to which he likewise taught flies. Anne accompanied later its man on its flights than Kopilotin and Funkerin. From the marriage six children followed.

To 22. June 1930 became their sonCharles III. born. Scarcely two years later, at the 1. March 1932 was kidnapped the child by unknown quantities, that required 50,000 dollar ransom. To 12. May was dead found the child. Due to Lindberghs celebrity excited the case large attention. For thoseAct was condemned the ethnic German Bruno smelling pool of broadcasting corporations captain and executed 1936. Captain always denied the act, and until today there is doubt about its debt. The Lindbergh kidnapping is literarily finished of Agatha Christie in its novel “ murder in the Orient express “.Mark of Benecke gives cause murder methods” in its book to “for assumption that Lindbergh could have been complicated into the kidnapping of its son.

With beginning 2. World war showed Lindbergh sympathies for the German national socialists and fell by anti-Semitic sayingsup. Because of the war entrance of the USA it withdrew as a Brigadier General, flew however nevertheless for the American armed forces.

1954 published Lindbergh its autobiography, for which he received the Pulitzer price. In addition it became in the same year again as a Brigadier General into thoseAir Force taken up.

To 26. August 1974 around 7:15 clock died Lindbergh at the age of 72 years in its house on the Hawaii - island Maui at Lymphdrüsenkrebs. Its grave is in the Palapala Ho'omau Church in Kipahulu, Maui.On his gravestone from the Psalm 139:9 one quotes: If I take the wings OF the morning, and dwell into the uttermost parts OF the sea. (I would take wings of morning redness and would remain at the outermost sea, (continued:) thus became alsothere me and hold your rights me lead your hand.)

the second, third and fourth family

from 1957 to its death in the year 1974 had Lindbergh a relationship with a 24 years younger Mrs., the Hutmacherin Brigitte Hesshaimer († 2001) from Munich. They had three common children: Dyrk (* 1958), Astrid (* 1960) and David (* 1967). The relationship remained however secret up to the conclusion. The children did not know the true identity of their father, thatto attendance came only rarely; for it it was called “Careu Kent”. Daughter Astrid Bouteuil found later a magazine article over Lindbergh and discovered photographies and about 150 letters of him to her nut/mother. It stepped two years after their death alsotheir knowledge to the public (2003). A posthumer paternity test (DNA analysis at the University of Munich) in November 2003 confirmed the correctness of the assumptions. The moreover one Lindbergh maintained sexual relations with Brigitte Hesshaimers sister Marietta (from this out Vago, *, went to 1962 andChristoph, * 1966) and to its private secretary Valeska (from this a son, * 1959, and a daughter, * 1961, came out). Lindbergh was time of its life anxious to pass its own gene material on. After the murder of its first son he announced thatit “still many Lindberghs will give”.

writings (selection)

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