Charles seal RTS Swart

Charles seal RTS Swart (* 5. December 1894 in vienna castle, Free State; † 16. July 1982 in Bloemfontein) was a South African politician.

Charles seal RTS Swart became imprisoned during the Burenkrieges 1900 with its nut/mother for several years in a British concentration campheld. After its release it studied law and philosophy in Bloemfontein. To further academic years in the USA it returned to South Africa. 1919 it became member that national party. Beside its political work it operated in the following years as a journalist and held themselveslegal lectures.

1948 he became Minister of Justice in the cabinet of Daniel François Malan. It maintained this position in the following government. 1955 he became a deputy Prime Minister. Swart was a representative of the apartheid and issued numerous laws and regulations, those the life of the black ones stronglylimited.1959 he was appointed the governor general of the South African union. 1961 decided the South African union the abolishment of the monarchy. Swart became to 31. May 1961 to the first president of the Republic of South Africa selected. To 31. May 1967 it withdrew for health reasons.


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