Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin, 1918
Charlie Chaplin, 1918

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin K.B.E. (* 16. April 1889 in London; † 25. December 1977 in Vevey, Switzerland) was an English director, actor, a Komiker and a composer.

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Charlie Chaplin became to 16. April 1889 in London as a son of Hannah Chaplin (geb. Hill) and Charles Chaplin sen. born. Parents were both artists at the music resound, its nut/mother asthe popular dancer and Imitatorin Lily Harley. Briefly after the birth of the small Charles parents separated. Charles Chaplin sen. 1901 died by alcohol. Hannah Chaplin suffered already from the childhood their late so famous son becomeon officially approx. starting from 1895 - more and more under psychological problems, so that the small Charles and its half brother Sydney („simmer “) grew up not only with their nut/mother, but also in homes and boardings school.

Chaplin began its career alsonine years at the theatre in England, where it successfully played the lane boy, until it was too old for this role.

Career in the USA (1913 - 1952)

scene from the Chaplin film The Kid (1921)
Szene aus dem Chaplin-Film The Kid (1921)
scene from thatChaplin film The Kid (1921)

1913 was discovered Chaplin on its second USA tour ( together with Stan Laurel) by the key clay/tone film company. It began in the troop Mack Sennetts for 150 dollar in the week. Chaplin, that not very muchwas large, should the voluminösen Fatty Arbuckle supplement. Soon however artistic differences between Sennett and him resulted, because Chaplin wanted to put more stress to the character of the figure and not be only limited to physical play.

It developed inthe following films „the Tramp “- a character, which made it later world-famous. It borrowed itself an old pair of shoes of Ford Sterling and trousers of Arbuckle (it was much too large), a melon of Arbuckles stepfather, a too small jacketof Charles Avery and the wrong beard of Mack Swain. The things had it all from clothes of key clay/tone.

Sennett did not fit this individual style at all into the concept, but success gave Chaplin to right, and therefore grantedit the Studio a larger influence on its films. Chaplin took over direction, film script and cut.

Its popularity uferte out, it could from offers hardly still save itself. 1915 it went for 1,250 dollar per week and a single payment from 10.000Dollar to Essanay, 1916 for 10.000 per week plus uniquely 150,000 to the Mutual corporation. When the USA occurred 1917 the First World War, a political campaign against Chaplin (a Britisher) began, because it itself not voluntarily as a soldier announcedhad.

It changed roofridge to „the national “and was only short thereby before Mary Pickford the first star, that locked a contract over a seven-place sum. Its liberties went now so far that it its films evenproduced and also the rights at them held. Its first so come off work was at the same time also its first long film: to 6. February 1921 was uraufgeführt The Kid, a silent movie of 51 minutes with partly auto+biographic courses. In September 1921 startedChaplin a European journey and wrote a book with the title „to My Trip Abroad “in addition.

After the commitment ran out with „the roofridge national “, Chaplin with Mary Pickford, Douglas based fair bank sen. and D. W. Griffith those United Artists Filmstudios.

See also: US-American film history.

Scandals and marriages

Douglas Fairbanks Sr., Mary Pickford, Charlotte Smith und Charlie Chaplin, 1918
Douglas fair bank SR., Mary Pickford, Charlotte Smith and Charlie Chaplin, 1918

the gloss of Chaplins successes as actors and a director clouded again and again reports from its private life. 1915 saidone it an affair with its play colleague Edna Purviance after.

1918 married the 28-jährige Chaplin mild-talk Harris, which was only 16, but already 1920 submitted the girl the divorce. 1924 it fell in love during the preparations to gold Rush(Gold fever) into those likewise only 16-jährige Lita Grey, which was intended as its Partnerin. He did not marry it completely voluntarily, because she expected a child from him. The marriage became 1927 divorced. Newspaper boys called at the street corners special editions alsothe indictment out, which contained many details.

1936 married Chaplin secretly the actress Paulette Goddard. With it it lived a few lucky years, in addition, this marriage became finally 1942 divorced.

Short time he learned Oona O'Neill later,the daughter of the dramatist Eugene O'Neill know and love. With it Chaplin found its marriage luck. The two married to 16. June 1943. 1944 were born as the oldest of the eight common children the daughter Geraldine.


with mild-talk Harris:

  • NormanSpencer Chaplin (died three days after the birth)

with Lita Grey:

  • Charles Spencer Chaplin Jr. (* 5. May 1925, † 20. March 1968)
  • Sydney Earle Chaplin (* 31. March 1926)

With Oona O'Neill:

  • Geraldine Chaplin (* 31. July 1944)
  • Michael Chaplin (* 7. March 1946)
  • Josephine Chaplin (* 28. March 1949)
  • Victoria Chaplin (* 19. May 1951)
  • Eugene Chaplin (* 23. August 1953)
  • Jane Chaplin (* 23. May 1957)
  • Annette Emilie Chaplin (* 3. December 1959)
  • Christopher Chaplin (* 8.July 1962)

The paternity of the child of Joan Barry could be disproved, the court condemned it however to a monthly payment of $ 75 up to 21. Lebensjahr, since blood tests were not recognized.

Classification from the USA

although Chaplin itshe achieved, kept largest success in the USA his British nationality. He saw himself as a citizen of the world. Charles Chaplin was however liberal and critical and did not fit thereby not into the ideal picture of the government of a film star. Also one knocked against oneselfits life change. Only he married one „sweet sixteen “, then again a sixteen-year-old one, its third wife was 17, he 54. It kept this three years long secret.[1]

October 1940 was the premiere of its first Tonfilms „The Great Dictator(The large dictator) “. The US-American censorship authority did not want to approve this anti-Hitler film first. Also the 1936 published film „modern trend times “, with which Chaplin had responsibility for almost everything, even for the film music, turned out under violent bombardment, itas system hostile and anti-capitalistically one condemned. The conservative Americas underestimated the war business at the beginning of Hitler's power illusion and regarded it as a great politician, there it set in motion and quasi an allying in Europe against the bolshevism and/or. communism Stalins was. ChaplinsFilm did not fit them thus at all into the stuff.

Chaplin was in the population extremely likes and parodierte hintergründig also the American society; therefore it was suspicious for the state apparatus. Condition loyalty lacking was accused to him. In the 1930er/1940ernone could be suspected of the dominant social order in the USA by the spöttische analysis as Marxist or communist. Chaplins sow-Irish slapstick comedy fascism was generally directed symbolically also against US Staatsmacht and the militarism .

In October 1947Chaplin had to state J. repeated before the House Un-American Activities Committee HUAC, and. Edgar Hoover, FBI, an embittered opponent Chaplins, tried to extract the residence permit from this. In December 1947 the film star in an English weekly paper published the article„I explain the war to Hollywood! “

To 18. September 1952, at the beginning „of the McCarthy era “, he left the United States for a short visit in England. Cause was the world premiere of its film footlights settled there. As Hoover of it, prevented he experienced Chaplins return to the United States by a procedure (because of subversive activities). This decided to remain in Europe and pulled in December 1952 into Switzerland and left themselves in the messuage Manoir de Ban above Corsier sur Vevey to Geneva lake down. 1957 it processed its bitter experiences with the USA in the satire A King in New York. In this film it also the early generic term cure anti-mash in the USA prangert on. Chaplin: „America is so terribly grim inspite OF all material that prosperity. “[2]

thereafter it turned only a film, „the countess of Hong Kong “(A Countess from Hong Kong), in which he is to be seen only in a small Nebenrolle.

it turned 1972again briefly to the award of the honour OSCAR into the USA back. [3]

Death and aftereffect

Chaplin died to 25. December 1977. Two months after its corpse was stolen by the cemetery in Vevey (Switzerland). The authors wanted from the survivors moneyextort. The plan failed, it was seized and Chaplins mortal remnants again buried. After the death of its widow Oona one zubetoniert the grave.

A sculpture Charlie Chaplins, production of the English sculptor John Doubleday, stands at the sea-promenade inVevey, Geneva lake.

A Spazierstock of the world star was auctioneered with an auction by Filmrequisiten in London 2004 for 47.800 Pound. Two Schnurrbärte to the film “the large dictator” obtained scarcely 12,000 Pound and/or. approximately 18,000 Pound.


Hannah Arendt hasin an essay over the figure of the Jewish Paria from the forties Chaplin as a “Jewish artist” falsely designates (“the hidden tradition”). Chaplin has on the attacks of Nazis, who titulierten him as Jews (e.g. in that 1940with the pursued ones never reacts to turned anti-Semitic propaganda film “the eternal Jew “), from solidarity.

Films (selection)

A cutout from the silent movie “The bond” (1918).
A cutout from the silent movie “The bond” (1918).
A cutout from the silent movie “The bond” (1918).
Charlie Chaplin falls in love by Cupido.
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for years restores the Cineteca di Bologna inItaly the films Chaplins on behalf the Chaplin Association.

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