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Charlize Theron (* 7. August 1975 in Benoni, South Africa) is a South African actress. She requested in the meantime the US-American nationality. She had requested, could the German nationality due to her ancestors also however no relatives prove, who live at present in Germany.

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Therons father Charles (†) was a französischstämmiger building contractor; its nut/mother, Gerda, is ethnic German. Therons youth was coined/shaped by trauma tables an event: when her drunk father wanted to kill the two, its nut/mother shot him with its weapon. It began first training as a ballet dancer. With a group of ballets it had appearances in Europe and the USA, where it finally at the Joffrey clenched to New York one took up. In addition it received to commitments as photo model. After a knee injury it had to give their career up as a dancer.

At the age of 18 years Theron pulled to Los Angeles. When it waited at the Hollywood boulevard in a queue, it was discovered by an agent. Later it had eight months their first small Filmrolle.

For many years it was fixed thereafter on the role of the beautiful woman at the side of the male leading actors, until it in the film monster the role of the Aileen Wuornos, which played first female Serienmörderin. But it was distinguished 2004 with the OSCAR for the best one female main role as well as with one golden Globe in the category best actress (drama). 2006 kept it international in Berlin the golden camera in the category “film”.

Their first film after the honor, Head into the Clouds, was a flop and was considered as failed attempt to tell a sensitive dear history before an time-historical background. For its role as Britt Ekland in the television film The would run and Death OF Peter Sellers kept golden to Charlize a further Globe nominating. For its role into cold country she was nominated again 2006 for the OSCAR for the best Hauptdarstellerin.

Theron precedes the call, it speaks, at least broken, 28 languages. Their native language is however Africa to, its second language English. Their surname speaks itself on Africa to correct-proves “Tronn”.

She lived together until January 2006 with its play colleague Stuart Townsend , which she had become acquainted with with turning work to Trapped.


  • of children of the anger 3 - Chicago massacre (Children OF the Corn III) - 1996
  • 2 days in L.A. (2 Days into the Valley) - 1996
  • That Thing You DO! - 1996
  • still more stupidly - (Trial and error) - 1997
  • on behalf the devil (The Devil's Advocate) - 1997
  • Hollywood Undercover - 1997
  • Celebrity - beautiful. Richly. Famous - 1998
  • my large friend Joe (Mighty Joe Young) - 1998
  • the woman of the astronaut (The Astronaut's Wife) - 1999
  • of God work and devil contribution (The Cider House Rules) - 1999
  • The yard - in the backyard of power - 2000
  • Reindeer Games - 2000
  • Men OF Honor - 2000
  • the legend of excavator Vance (The putting OF excavator Vance) - 2000
  • Sweet November - 2001 | D
  • 15 minutes fame (15 Minutes) - 2001
  • in the spell of the Jade of scorpio (The Curse OF the Jade Scorpion) - 2001 | E
  • 24 hours of fear (Trapped) - 2002
  • Waking UP in Reno - 2002
  • The Italian job - hunt for millions - 2003 | E
  • monster - 2003 | D
  • Head into the Clouds - 2004 | E
  • The would run and Death OF Peter Sellers - 2004 | E
  • Æon flux - 2005 | E
  • cold country (North Country) - 2005
  • Arrested development - 2005


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