Charlotte Salomon

Charlotte Salomon (* 16. April 1917 in Berlin, † October 1943 in Auschwitz) was a German painter.

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Charlotte Salomon became to 16. April 1917 as a daughter of assimilated Jews in Berlin born. It grows up in a civil surrounding field in Berlin Charlottenburg. After the suicide of its nut/mother 1926 up to the renewed marriage of their father 1930 the household is coined/shaped by changing child girls. Starting from 1927 it visits the princess Bismarck High School, a school for the higher daughters Charlottenburgs. It leaves the school 1933, one year before the Abitur, in order to escape the anti-Semitic meeting with hostility, which belong there since the seizure of power of the national socialists to the agenda. The winter semester 1935/36 it becomes - for the time being on rehearsing at the united state schools for free ones and applied art in Berlin Charlottenburg accepted. Despite the chicaneries against Jewish citizens, increasing always further, it can regularly be registered in February 1936, since their father is recognized as „front fighters “of the First World War. After you are malfunctioned to the academy of art the first place, for which she had selected jury, with a competition because of their Jewish origin leave it the university in the autumn 1937. In January 1939 Charlotte Salomon emigriert to France. There it lives with its grandparents in Villefranche sur Mer with Nice, which already lived there since 1934. In June 1940 German troops occupy far parts of France. To 22. June signs marshal Pétain an armistice with Germany, in which also the distribution is regulated by 200.000 Jews to the Gestapo (see Vichy regime). Charlotte Salomon and their grandfather (its grandmother had herself in March the life taken) are interned in the camp Gurs, released later short time however because of the high age of the grandfather again. The suicide of the grandmother and the experience of the internment shifted Charlotte Salomon into a deep nervous breakdown. In order to process the events begins it on recommending a physician again to paint. In June 1943 she marries the Austrian emigrant Alexander Nagler. After the occupation of Southern France by German troops in 1943 Charlotte Salomon and their man become to 24. September in Nice arrests. To 27. Septembers are deportiert it into the Sammellager Drancy with Paris, afterwards to 7. October into the concentration camp Auschwitz. Charlotte Salomon, in the fifth month more schwanger, was murdered probably immediately after its arrival in Auschwitz.


between 1940 and 1942 developed within 18 months 1325 Gouachen of expressionistischen Sils. Charlotte Salomon selected and nummeriert about 800 sheets in the format 32.5 x 25 cm. Together with describing texts and referring to music pieces they tell lives under the title? Or theatres? their life. Live? Or theatres? main part and epilog are comparably in its internal structure a play with play. Only 1961 become life? Or theatres? for the first time issued. The exhibition in the Amsterdamer museum Fodor was kuratiert by Ad Petersen. In the following year appeared with Rowohlt the first book of pictures with a selection of Gouachen Charlotte Salomons.


  • van Voolen, Edward (Hrsg.): Charlotte Salomon life? Or theatres?

Zurzeit is in the parish museum Hanover, Lower Saxony a detailed exhibition with the works from lives? Or theatres?

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