Charlotte of Monaco

Charlotte Grimaldi (* 30. September 1898 in Constantine, Algeria; † 15. November 1977 in Paris) was a princess of Monaco.


you was the daughter of the Algerian Wäscherin Marie Juliette Louvet (1867 - 1930) and from prince Louis II. from Monaco (1870 - 1949)

you was the nut/mother of prince Rainer III. of Monaco. Their husband was Pierre Grimaldi, Duc de Valentinois (before de Polignac from the house of the former dukes of Polignac). 1944 did to princess Charlotte to favour of its only son Rainier without the throne rights. After prince Louis II. for health reasons to 5. May 1949 the grandchild the Regierungsgeschäfte had transferred, followed it these as Rainier III. in the rule over the principality after.


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