Charly Antolini

Charly Antolini (* 24. May 1937 in Zurich) is a Swiss jazz - Drummer. It is considered as one the relating to crafts-technically best Drummer Europe and is also internationally recognized. Its training began Antolini at the Basler drum, in Paris started itits professional career. Its model is Louie Bellson.

Admits became it into the 1950er years by its play in of the Dixieland - volume „The Tremble Kids “. Into the 1960er years formed it together with the bassists Peter Witte and the pianist refuge Jankowski the rhythmic backbonethe orchestra Erwin lean. It played in addition in bends volume of briefly Edelhagen and max the Greger.

Since 1976 it, with changing occupations, leads own volume, „Charly Antolinis jazz power “, in addition and played he plays Rudi Wilfer with numerous considerable jazz sizes , under it, Wolfgang Dauner, Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton, Barbara Dennerlein and. A.
Its direct cut became famous - album Knock Out (1979), which was out of print within fewer days. It applies until today as load test to Hifi boxes.

1994 created Antolini with the pianist Dirk Raufeisen andthe bassists Jimmy Woode the SUPER TRIO.

Since 1962 Charly Antolini in Germany lives.


  • 1966 Drum Beat (along and. A. Joki friend, Conny Jackel and. Dieter Reith)
  • 1972 into the Groove (along and. A. Dusko Goykovich, Sigi Schwab, Jean Warland)
  • 1988 Antolini & Danny Moss: The Drivers - Skinfire record (LeiCom)
  • 1996 The „Jubilee “ - Skinfire record (LeiCom)
  • 1997 live one in Concert - Skinfire record (LeiCom)
  • 1998 super Knock Out (double version) (notoriously as „a box killer “)
  • 1999 Knock Out 2000
  • 1999 Love tons of Play - Skinfire record(LeiCom)
  • 2001 Loose and Easy - Skinfire record (LeiCom)

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