Chasapiko or also Hasapiko (Χασάπικο) is original a Greek people dance - a dance of the butchers (Chasib means Turkishly butcher).

In Michalis Kakogiannis 'film Alexis SORBAS danced to Anthony Quinn to the music of Mikis Theodorakis a Sirtaki, the form of the Greek dance today most well-known for foreigners. But the Sirtaki is only a Hollywood - conversion of the original Greek-Turkish man dance Chasapiko. The slow Chasapiko changes into the fast Chasaposerviko , which is enriched by slawische ( Bulgarian, Serbian, Macedonian ) and Romanian elements.

The Chasapiko in the 2/4-Rhythmus one dances and is popular in the entire Balkans area, in Bulgaria and Serbia as Kasapsko, in Macedonia as Lesnoto.

A slower version of the Chasapiko in the 4/4-Rhythmus is the Vari Chasapiko (“more heavily ~”).

Today the Sirtaki - thus actually a Chasapiko with Chasaposerviko - is must for all Touristengruppen, weddings, celebrations and people dance evenings.

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to Naftiko (sailor) Chasapiko, Peiraiotiko out jetty from (Greek = Peiraius), Ploioritikos, Koulouriotiko from Koulouri on the island salamis.


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