Cheddi Jagan

Cheddi Berret Jagan (* 22. March 1918; † 6. March 1997) was an Prime Minister (1957 - 1964) and president (1992 -1997) of Guyana.

As a son of indianischer plan day workers it created it to complete the Queen's college High School in Georgetown. Later it studied to the Howard Dental School in Washington, D.C., and to the Northwestern University in Chicago, before it returned to the early 1940er years home.

Frightened over the conditions in British Guyana it created 1950 the People's progressive party as well as Forbes Burnham. He was selected 1947 into the colonial legislation and was controversial leader of the guayanischen government into the late 1950er and early 1960er years.

Jagan won the colonially supervised elections 1953, but Great Britain sent troops, when hunt to connections to the Soviet Union were uncovered. Jagan withdrew as a prime minister after 133 days in the office. Great Britain set then the condition repealed and appointed an interim government. Hunt to freedom of movement was limited from 1954 to 1957 to Georgetown.

It engaged itself in the government as activist of the labour party and a leader of the opposition and 1992 to the president was selected, after it had broken its connections off to the more authoritarianly becoming Burnham.

Its term of office was characterized by the rereviving of the trade union movements and the efforts to improve the education system and the infrastructure of the country. Toward end of its life it gave its socialist attitude up and began to reform its country to the free free-market economy.

1943 he married Janet rose mountain, former member of a communist youth organization, with which he had two children. Mrs. Jagan rose into the Fussstapfen of its man and dressed the offices of the Prime Minister minister and president in the year 1997. A museum in the capital Georgetown dedicates itself to Cheddi hunt to the life and work and can offer a complete replication of its office.

Jagan was likewise an important political author and speech writer, and its publications cover among other things Forbidden Freedom: The story OF British Guiana, The west on Trial: My Fight for Guyana's Freedom and The the USA in South America.

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