Chelsea boat

Typische rahmengenähte Chelsea-Boots (Grenson)
typical frame-sewn of Chelsea boat (Grenson)

that Chelsea boat, or also Chelsea boot, is a classical Mr. shoe model. This concerns a überknöchelhohen boot, which rubber band-in-corrodes by two lateral, on the right of and left by the foot joint, is characterized.

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that to Chelsea boat goes on an invention from J. S. Resound, a shoemaker of queen Victoria, from the 1830er years in London back. The model held itself since then in the classical gentleman shoe collections of many offerers, probably because it rubber band-in-corrodes itself due to the flexible comfortably on and take off lets.

Into the 1960er years attained this model as „Beatle boat “large popularity. This designation decreases/goes back to the Popgruppe „The the Beatles “, whose members carried this boot in a variant with higher and easily swung paragraph as well as a very closely approaching shoe point.


Chelsea-Boot ohne Zusatznaht unter dem Einsatz (Grenson)
Chelsea boat without auxiliary seam under the employment (Grenson)

two model variants are differentiated today, however only with more exact Hinsehen reveal themselves: On the one hand the model with a Schaftschnitt, which rubber band-in-corrodes underneath a short vertical seam shows, and on the other hand the Chelsea boat without these additional seams. Since the seams make a processing possible of smaller shank parts, both the processing is simpler and the leather blend smaller. Both leads selling price of the model variant with these auxiliary seams to a smaller manufacture and thus also. Shoe connoisseurs prefer the boots without these seams, which can be found rarely, (see. the illustration of the black Chelsea boat).

That Chelsea boat exists also in a lady variant, which marks itself by a somewhat higher and narrower paragraph and carries out on, the female foot appropriate, ladies is manufactured.


better Chelsea boat are characterized by the frame-sewn design (recognizably from the seam on the edge of the sole beside the shank). In order to ensure a better passport form of this boot, which can be adapted finely by no Schnürung, the shank is milled still before the attachment at the shoe soil. Thus that is somewhat adapted formerly flat leather of the later boot form. Effectuation with the finished boot and such a high lifting of the heel prevents a close seat within the range of the foot bend when going.

With many Chelsea boots in the back or in the back and in front, at the upper internal Schaftrand sewn on loop from fabric serves simplified tightening of the boot and is not visible, since these boots with long trousers are combined, because the Hosenbein covers it.


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