chemist are scientists, who are concerned with chemistry.

training as the chemist in Germany

in the Federal Republic of Germany is possible at approximately 50 universities the study of chemistry. It begins that with a viersemestrigen basic study,with the not occupation-qualifying Vordiplom - examination one locks. After the main study the usually verbal diploma examinations and the six to thesis (diploma) of nine months follow. Afterwards one - mostly several years continuing - is graduation to the doctor of the natural sciences (Dr. rer. nat.)possible and becomes at present from approx. 87% all in a graduate class in Germany diplomierten chemists begun.

Into the course of the Bologna process existing diploma courses of studies will change gradually into sechssemestrige Bachelor courses of studies with optional viersemestrigem master - study. This process is to2010 finally its.

Besides several engineer courses of studies with emphasis were established chemistry.

The society of German chemists (GDCh), the technical organization of the chemists in Germany, has scarcely 27,000 members. The society of Austrian chemists (GÖCH) has scarcely 2,000 members.

important chemists from the whole world

chemistry are one of the five disciplines in those since 1901 the Nobelpreis are assigned. Among the Nobelpreisträgern for chemistry among other things Marie curie, Ernest Rutherford and Otto cock rank .

sorted lists of important chemists

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