Chester A. Arthur

Chester Alan Arthur 1882

Chester Alan Arthur (* 5. October 1830 in Fairfield, Vermont; † 18. November 1886 in New York town center, New York) was vice-president of 4. March up to 20. September 1881 and afterwards 21. President thatUnited States of America (the USA) up to the 3. March 1885. Arthur was originally a teacher, then attorney. It introduced reforms of the public service, in order to contain the corruption, and introduced a modernization of the fleet. Altogether it was considered however as a rather weak politician.He suffered from kidney weakness secretly held. In addition it led the customs authority in New York.


to Chester A. Arthur gives it only relatively to little literature, of it however worth reading:

  • Reeves, Thomas's C.: Gentleman Boss: The would run OF Chester Alan Arthur, (1998) Detailed Biografie.
  • Doenecke, Justus D.: The Presidencies OF James A. Garfield and Chester A. Arthur, (1981) to presidency the A.s

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