State of Italy
region Lombardei
province Sondrio (SO)
geographical situation of 46° 19 ' N 9° 24 ' O
height of 333 m u. M.
Surface 11 km ²
inhabitant 7,244
population density 659 Einw. /km ²
postal zip code 23022
preselection 0343
ISTAT - code 014018
Fiskal code C623
name of the inhabitants chiavennaschi
protection patron San Lorenzo

Chiavenna (dt: Kleven) is belonged a city and a valley shank in the Italian region Lombardei and to the province Sondrio. German names for Chiavenna are Cläven or Kleven.

The small town is today well-known for its historical town centre and restaurant.

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Chiavenna is to round 25 km northern the Comer of lake because of the right bank of the Mera. Here two alpine transitions used by the Romans already branch out. The one leads north by the Val San Giacomo over the Splügenpass after Chur; the passport road was opened 1822. The other one leads first eastward by the Bergell (Val Bregaglia) and branches out then again. Of Casaccia at the foot of the last ascent of the Malojapasses over the September timer passport (until today only one seam path) on thoseJulierroute led the distance used by the Romans. As road developed against it the distance over the Malojapass is further and then over the Julierpass after Chur.


from outgoing late ancient times to 1194 was Chiavenna the seat of count, those the valleycontrolled. In the year 1176 is here the alleged case of knee emperor Friedrich I. Barbarossas before its cousin Heinrich the lion instead of found. 1030 received it from the diocese Como the municipal law and to 1194 to the bishops by Chur were handed over; in the Staufer period Chiavenna was considered asA component of Swabia. In 14. Century the Visconti , which had become rulers over the Veltlin , bought to the Contado Chiavennas of the Churer bishop. It was then annektiert 1512 of the three federations and the castle was destroyed. 1797 became it part of the Cisalpini republic andthe fate of the Lombardei divided.

objects of interest

most well-known “IL Castello” might probably be. Further the monumental cemetery is to be mentioned, the close roads and Gäs. One of it ends at the gate elbow “Santa Maria”. The botanische garden loads to expanded walks in,in the spring by numerous botanische impressions to be particularly enriched. An attendance the cloister of San Lorenzo with the Taufbecken from that is worth 12. Century and the museum del Tesoro. The environment Chiavennas is not to remain unmentioned: The Wasserfälle of Borgonuovo and the orientation by natureLandscape all around, which offers both botanische and zoo-logical characteristics.

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