choreography (griech. “Dance writing”) was originally the notation of the movements of the choir in the Greek drama and became then the recording at all from dance movements. Today one understands by it primarily the composition and succession about movements with the dance, in the extended sense also thatProduce from courses of motion, for example with combat haven sequences in the film. Each choreography is a work of art and is enough from the short solo or Showtanz to the production lasting several hours of a dance play with many persons and complex action.

The written recording of dance movements is called today dance notation.

A Choreografis the creative Gestalter of a choreography. For the dance theatre he is at the same time a director of the piece (in the film or musical he works with others together), selects the music in addition or can from a music work be inspired, as John new Meier of the third Symphonie of Gustav of meals or of Johann Sebastian of brook matte house passion, or Uwe Scholz of Haydns creation. Or the Choreograf co-operates with a composer , who writes new music for a certain piece of dance, e.g. also new Meier with its ballet odyssey with the Greek composer George Couroupos or Bernd Schindowski with Stefan Heucke with Gilgamesch Epos, or Frederick Ashton with Hans's Werner Henze with Undine or Sergei Pawlowitsch Djagilew with Igor Strawinsky for the ballet fire bird. Most famous classical ballet from that the 19. Century, those produces everywhere again and again and specifiedbecome, come of to the extremely fruitful co-operation of Marius Petipa and Tschaikowsky. In addition swan lake , nussknacker , Dornrö belongs.

The dance can be completely abstractly, pure form without concrete contents, as particularly George Balanchine loved it. Very often dance theatre has however contents. Thatthe creative organization of the Choreografen can likewise be, as it is very often when the expression dance and decaying thanks the case, or a literary collecting main to have. Examples of it are the musical Kiss ME, Kate after the Shakespeare - comedy of the Widerspenstigen Zähmung, to which John Crankoagain a ballet choreography ore has, or My fair lady after George Berne pool of broadcasting corporations Shaws play Pygmaleon, ballet mentioned above and many different.

Since that 20. Century gives it also a great many important Choreografinnen like e.g. Pina Bausch, because the modern trend dance became mainlyby women to the various, rich art form, which it at the beginning 21. Century is. New forms and name develop, e.g. Johann Kresnik calls its pieces Choreographi theatre.

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