Chris Bristow

Chris Bristow (* 2. December 1937 in London; † 19. June 1960 in Spa Francorchamps, Belgium) was an English running driver.

The talentierte Britisher originating from the south of London became by many British racing journalists due to a similar career as with Stirling Moss or Tony Brooks as potenzieller Formel-1 - world champion regards. By its early death it could never confirm these speculations.

With financial support of its father it began 1956 its engine haven - career. Already soon it won a running like that one with a mg on the racing course in Crystal Palace in its hometown. In the subsequent year it sat down to the steering wheel to 1,100 m ³ of a Cooper, in order to collect when far running on the British islands experience.

it changed 1958 to Elva, where it was to be owed simply to its talent that it drew with that with difficulty to driving cars at all the attention to that British Racing Partnership on itself. Rapidly it changed to BRP, in order their Formel-2 - to steer Cooper, which interestingly enough of a Borgward - for engine meadow-floated became.

With John Day Trophy 1959 succeeded to dominate it the Kunstück a erlesenes driver field and to celebrate a convincing victory: Jack Brabham, Roy Salvadori and Bruce McLaren could become not dangerous it to this day, so that it debütierte due to its running speeds despite its juvenile age 22 years already in the same year in the Formel-1-Saison 1959 with its Heimgrandprix.

The running season 1960 started badly for the BRP team, when the erfahrerene Nr-1-Pilot Harry Schell had an accident with training to internationally the Trophy deadly. Thus Bristow moved up all too fast into the status of the first pilot. During the Belgian Grand Prix in Spa it fought with the Ferrari steered by the hitzköpfigen Willy Mairesse in the malicious sloping Burnenville Rechtskurve in the 20. Round around the third place, when it lost control of its Cooper and with the car under a distance delimitation came. In the case of the impact it was cut back and was thus the first dead one, which one had to probably deplore beside two Schwerstverletzten before Alan Stacey ´s death fall on this to date worst running weekend of the Formel-1-Geschichte. The warnings of its experienced colleagues, itself not with as Crash pilots admitted to put on Belgians, Bristow of fatal way had ignored. When the later world champion Jim Clark drove past with its straight once second Formel-1-Rennen at the wreck of the Monopostos with the starting number 36, it noticed Blutspritzer at its own Lotus, so that it stated later: „It was terrible. I considered to continue at the boxes and make with racing conclusion. “


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